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Business Insurance For Funeral Home

Protection For Your Funeral Home.

Your funeral home provides essential services to those experiencing loss and grief. In their time of need, your clients trust you to conduct business in a sensitive, yet professional manner. Help protect your funeral home while continuing to offer reliable care with quality business insurance from Allstate.

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Property Risks

You Lose Power To Your Funeral Home

You have a power interruption due to a collision that takes out the power line, and you have no idea when power will be restored.

Allstate Coverage

Preservation Of Dead Bodies

This provides for expenses you incur to move and store the deceased away from the described premises to preserve them from damages following an off-premises or on-premises failure of power or other utility services caused by a Covered Cause of Loss.

Preservation of Dead Bodies is included with Funeral Home Shield.

Employee Theft

A client notices that his wife's necklace is missing. It is discovered that one of your employees took the necklace.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Client's Property provides for loss of or damage to "money," "securities" and "other property" sustained by your "client" resulting directly from "theft" committed by an identified "employee," acting alone or in collusion with other persons.

You deal with people when they have lost someone close to them. The last thing that they or you need to deal with is the loss of personal belongings. Employee Dishonesty Coverage - Client's Property is included as part of the Funeral Home Shield coverage.

Refrigeration Breakdown In Transit

While en route to a cemetery, you are hit and the equipment that you have in your vehicle is damaged.

Property In Transit/Off Premises

This covers property while away from your location and in a vehicle being transported to another location.

This provides coverage for property in transit/off premises and is included as part of Allstate business insurance for Funeral Homes coverage.

Liability Risks

Injury Lawsuit

Somebody trips on your carpet, falls, and files an injury lawsuit.

Allstate Coverage

General Liability

Allstate business insurance for Funeral Homes provides coverage for injury to others at your premises and helps protect you from lawsuits brought against you.

Your coverage is based on a per-loss limit and an annual limit.

Professional Errors

Remains of the deceased are misplaced or taken to the wrong location.

Funeral Directors Professional Liability*

This endorsement provides for the legal obligations arising out of Professional errors, negligent acts or omissions during the course of practicing their craft.

Professionals are protected up to the liability limits.

Embalming Fluids

During the embalming process, some fluid is spilled and goes down the drain.

Limited Pollution Liability - Embalming Fluids

This provides for "bodily injury," "Property Damage" or medical expenses arising out of the actual, alleged or threatened discharge, dispersal, seepage, migration, release or escape of embalming fluids used in embalming operations. This coverage is only available with Allstate business insurance for Funeral Homes.

Limited Pollution Liability Embalming Fluids is included with the Funeral Home BOP endorsement with coverage.

Auto Risks

An Employee Causes An Accident

While performing work for you, your employee gets into an accident and causes injury and damage, you could be liable.

Allstate Coverage

Liability Protection

This coverage insures against injury to others and damage to other vehicles, even if it's due to your employee's negligence.

Vehicle Damage

Damage to your vehicle, whether your driver was at fault or not, can be very costly to fix.

Collision Coverage

This protection pays to repair damage, or even replace your vehicle if it is a total loss.

You can relax in knowing that we'll cover repairs or a replacement, subject to your deductibles.

Hail Storm Vehicle Damage

Hail can do real and costly damage to your vehicle, such as large dents and broken glass.

Comprehensive Solution

This protection pays to repair storm hail damage to your business vehicle.

You'll have peace of mind in knowing you're covered for hail damage repairs, subject to your deductibles.

You Are Injured By An Uninsured Driver

If you're in a vehicle collision with an uninsured driver and sustain serious injury, your livelihood could be at risk.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

With this coverage, you may be protected for injuries in an accident that is caused by a driver with no insurance.

You may have the protection you need, based on your policy's Bodily Injury limit. (Restrictions apply in some states.)

Owe Money on Damaged Vehicle

If you still owe money on a loan or lease, you could be liable for the cost of replacing the vehicle.

Lease and Loan Gap Coverage

While most carriers will provide this coverage, many restrict it by vehicle type and charge a premium. You can relax because this coverage comes standard in your Allstate Business Auto policy.

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*Optional coverage

This is a brief description of business insurance products; this is not a contract. Read your policy for full details about the coverages. To learn more, please contact your Allstate Agent. Coverages are subject to state availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. Business Owners Policy is issued by Allstate Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL; Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company: Bridgewater, NJ.

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