Types of coverage for service providers

If you are a service provider — for example, a photographer, florist, barber, locksmith or funeral director — it's a good idea to protect your company with a business owners policy (BOP). Allstate offers a variety of coverages to help protect professional service businesses.

Below are coverages that may be available for your business. An Allstate agent can also help explain what coverages are standard and which are available as add-ons so you can craft a business owners policy (BOP) that fits your needs. Some coverages are subject to deductibles and limits.


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Property risks

Power outage

The utility company's transformer blows and you lose power to your business.

Allstate coverage

Spoilage Coverage

This coverage helps reimburse you for perishable items that spoil due to a power outage. This is normally an optional coverage, but if you're a florist, this coverage is included with Allstate's Business Insurance policy for florists.

Preservation of Dead Bodies Coverage

This coverage helps reimburse you for expenses if you have to move the deceased off premises due to a power outage. This coverage is included when you purchase insurance for funeral homes.

Theft of locksmith equipment

While out on a job, someone breaks into your work vehicle and steals tools.

Locksmiths' Tools and Equipment Coverage

This helps replace tools if they're stolen while you're away from your business location.

Damage to property while off premise

While in transit to a customer or vendor's location, you are involved in an accident and your tools and equipment are damaged.

Inland Marine Coverage

This provides protection for your company's tools, equipment, materials and inventory while the items are in transit.

Property in Transit/Off Premises

This covers your business property while it's away from your location and/or being transported by vehicle to another location. This coverage is optional.

Photographic Equipment Off-Premises Coverage

This provides coverage for camera equipment that you own if it's damaged while you're away from your business premises. This coverage is included with Allstate's Business Insurance policy for photographers.

Customer items are stolen

While a customer's goods are in your care, someone breaks in overnight and steals their items.

Customers' Goods Coverage

This coverage provides for direct physical loss of or damage to customers' goods after a covered loss. This is typically an optional coverage.

Employee dishonesty

Your business receives checks, credit card payments and sometimes cash for work that you do. When reviewing the receipts for the week, you notice that the deposits were lower than usual.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

This coverage helps pay for a loss if an employee steals money or property from your business. It is typically an optional coverage.

Computer hack

It is discovered that someone hacked into your bank account and transferred funds out of your account.

Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud Coverage

These optional coverages kick in if someone uses a computer to fraudulently transfer money, securities or other property to someone else.

The refrigerator in your truck breaks down

The refrigerator unit on your delivery truck fails in the middle of a long day of deliveries. Your product may spoil quickly without being transferred to a working refrigerator.

Vehicle Refrigeration Breakdown Expense Coverage

This coverage helps with expenses you incur after your company vehicle's refrigeration system breaks down. It is meant to help prevent spoilage of your company's perishable stock.

Refrigerator breaks down in your shop

The refrigerator at your business location breaks down and you lose your entire inventory due to spoilage.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This coverage helps pay for your company's expenses resulting from the sudden breakdown of machinery or other equipment.

Building or property damage

If your business building or business property are destroyed due to a covered loss, such as a fire or theft, costs could add up quickly.

Business Building/Personal Property Coverage

This coverage pays to repair or replace your owned business building and/or your business personal property, up to the limits you select.

Stolen cash

Money stolen from your company in a theft or burglary could lead to hardship.

Money and Securities Coverage

This optional coverage helps protect your business against loss of money or securities due to theft, disappearance or destruction. This coverage may provide reimbursement whether the loss occurred on or off your business premises.

You can't open your business

Your business is damaged due to a fire and you cannot operate until repairs are made.

Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage

This coverage helps with loss of income and fixed expenses, such as rent or payroll, while your business is temporarily closed for repairs after a covered loss.

This coverage provides your business with up to 12 months of coverage.

Damaged documents

A pipe bursts and leaks all over a filing cabinet containing your critical documents. Many documents are damaged, and others are completely destroyed.

Valuable Papers and Records

This helps cover the cost of restoring important business documents that are damaged or destroyed by a covered loss. This coverage is included in the basic BOP and can be increased if you opt for additional coverage.

Billing records are destroyed

There is a fire and your company's billing records are destroyed. This makes it difficult for you to collect payments from customers.

Accounts Receivable Protection

This covers the increased cost of collecting payments and the expense of reestablishing the records of accounts receivable.

Computer virus attack

You get an email from a client, but you open it to discover that it contains a virus.

Electronic Data Coverage

This provides coverage for repairing and restoring data due to harmful code that damages or destroys any part of your company's computer system.

This coverage is included in a basic BOP, but you have the option to increase coverage limits.

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