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The Road to Fleet Safety

As the operator of a business fleet, the last thing you need is to send your drivers out in unsafe vehicles. After all, drivers who spend full days on the road need to know their vehicles will operate efficiently and safely in all conditions. Allstate's Business Auto Insurance will be an important part of your commercial insurance coverage. In addition, preventative maintenance needs to be incorporated as a critical component.

While vehicle leasing arrangements will dictate the maintenance type and schedule, the key for small business owners is to create a formal maintenance program. You may also want to consider making drivers responsible for knowing the mechanical condition of their vehicles--they should have the assurance that their vehicle is in good condition at the start of each trip.

Preventative Maintenance 101

At a minimum, your preventative vehicle maintenance program should incorporate the following daily inspection items:

  • A check to ensure the floor is free of obstructions such as tools, rags or other loose items.
  • A seat belt inspection to make sure that belts are in good shape and working properly.
  • Engine start-up to confirm that instruments, heaters, defrosters and windshield wipers are working properly.
  • A check of emergency equipment, if required. Make sure the fire extinguisher is charged and operable, and that there are adequate flares or reflective devices on hand.
  • A check of the headlights, body lights, signals, outside reflectors and tires.
  • A maintenance schedule for each vehicle to ensure it is routinely serviced and checked.
  • A vehicle record card or folder, which holds the history of the vehicle for easy reference. If the vehicle is leased, the record should identify the contractor supplying the vehicle.

Keep in mind, commercial vehicles that are subject to state or federal safety regulations will require a more formal approach to vehicle inspections and documentation.

Allstate Safety Line® - Help Is Available

At Allstate, we want to not only provide the commercial auto insurance coverage that helps protect your people and property, but also to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're backed by a team of Loss Control Consultants who understand your business and can help you prevent a loss before it happens. That's why we've created the Allstate Safety Line®, where Loss Control Consultants personally help small-business owners learn more about:

  • Fleet and auto safety
  • Accident investigations
  • Self-inspection procedures
  • Safety training
  • Fire protection and safety
  • Hazard control methods
  • Safety and health rules and regulations that apply to your particular business
  • Much more

As an Allstate commercial auto customer, just call us anytime with your contact information and briefly describe your question or issue. If a trained Loss Control Specialist isn't immediately available, one will call you back by the end of the next business day.

Let Allstate Business Insurance Provide You With More Auto Tips

Allstate Business Insurance gives you great protection at a great price. Talk to your local agent, or call us at 1-888-322-3070 to see how we can help you save on insurance for your business.

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