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Relating to customers.

Mickey Rountree

Mickey Rountree Agency
Savannah, GA
Quick Profile

• In business for 39 years
• Loves working with small business owners
• Two staff members dedicated to business

Mickey Rountree works in one of the great historical cities in America — Savannah, Georgia. “Back in the day, we'd knock on doors, meet people that way. And the personal touch has proven to be a constant over the years.” It's a philosophy that's trickled down. “My employees are part of local business groups, so we're always in close touch with what's happening.”

Mickey understands his small business community. “Almost 40 years I've been here, and I've seen a lot of change.” One thing that stays the same is Allstate's commitment. “We've always been a good fit.” Mickey says it's more personal than business. “I feel like a valued part of a customer's life, not just a voice on the telephone.”

Protecting his customers and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need is a source of pride for him. “I mean, when you've given a customer answers, coverage that saves them heartbreak, that's when I feel best.”

  • Connect With Us
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