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It's about trust.

Joseph Devane

Devane Insurance Agency, Inc.
Bear, DE
Quick Profile

• Founded agency in 2010
• Appreciates that clients are peers
• Insurance is a personal investment

“When I opened in 2010, I had a blank slate,” says Joseph Devane, an Allstate agent in Bear, Delaware. “It was very exciting. There we were, my wife and I, starting up our own small business.” Joseph felt like Allstate's products and services were a good fit for small business needs. “I knew those needs because I had those same needs. And in our community, the Good Hands promise meant a lot.”

Joseph feels he shares a small business mindset. “I listened very carefully to all my clients, to their stories, and those stories felt familiar. Because, as a small business owner, I was experiencing a lot of the same things. And with my agency, it was like a friend they could trust.”

Joseph made sure each of his clients understood what proper coverage was for a small business. “I'm so proud to help those first-timers, all those starting out. I was there myself.” As someone who has had to ask himself the tough questions to ensure that his business is protected, he will ensure that his customers are protecting their businesses and their livelihoods.

  • Connect With Us
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