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Business Insurance For

An agent is ready with solutions.

Of course we've got you covered on the road, but our policies don't start and stop with auto. From Data Compromise to Equipment Breakdown, we help protect businesses down to the smallest detail. Plus, our Affinity Program with many national trade associations could save you money. And that just makes good business sense.

Our offerings are many and varied, so be sure to contact one of our helpful agents — they are always the single best source for small business.

Business Property Coverage
Is your business property covered both inside and out?
Why it's beneficial.

Whether you have a business on Main Street or work under the roof of your own home, the Allstate Business Owner Policy offers a flexible package of protection that can adjust and grow with your business — as it grows. Allstate helps keep you ready for tomorrow.

• This policy is upgradable to the Silver Endorsement. Not available for home-based businesses. Download information
• Provides extensive property coverage.
• Covers you for loss of business income.

Questions to consider
• Are the contents of your building/property covered in case of damages?
• Does your homeowner's insurance cover you if you work at home?
• If your business grows, do you have a policy that can adjust?

A great policy, all around.
Provides coverage for your building and/or business property, including the contents of your building, for direct physical loss in many situations.

General liability
Provides protection for legal liability as a result of a lawsuit or other covered claim.

Loss of business income
Provides protection for loss of business income sustained up to 12 months due to a covered loss.

Equipment breakdown
Provides protection for electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, boiler/pressure vessel and communication equipment from physical damage caused by mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Building glass
Provides protection from loss from external causes to exterior glass (including frames, lettering and burglary tapes) for which you are legally responsible.

Data Compromise and Identity Recovery Coverage
What if critical business data gets lost? What if your identity is stolen?
Data Compromise coverage. Why it's vital.

Personal data held by your business can be lost, stolen or accidentally released. You may need help with the financial and legal burden, as well as service obligations to any affected employees.

Know the facts.
• 42% of small to medium sized businesses have had a data loss.1
• 100% of companies reporting a data loss experience lost revenue, direct financial losses or other losses due to such incidents.2
• Data breach incidents cost U.S. companies $59 per compromise in 2011.3

Questions to consider.
• Do you collect personal information on employees or customers?
• If there were a breach, do you have a plan in place?
• How much would legal assistance cost without coverage?

What's more.

Allstate provides a timely, professional response to data breaches. That way, you maintain your good business reputation. Our coverage options are both broad and tailored — and you pay an affordable premium. For Data Compromise coverage, you can count on your Allstate agent.

Don't compromise on coverage. Allstate coverage includes:
• Legal and forensic technology review
• Expense reimbursement for notifications to affected individuals
• Expense reimbursement for services for affected individuals such as:
- Packet of information materials
- Help line (set up at the time of the breach)
- Credit monitoring
- Identity restoration case management services

Identity Recovery coverage. Why it's important.

Identity theft is one of America's fastest growing crimes4. Recovering an identity takes a significant monetary and emotional toll, and cuts into time spent doing business. With Allstate by your side, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Know the facts.
• The average annual cost of cyber attacks was $188,242 USD.5
• 24% of lost propriety information was illegally taken by a company outsider.6
• In 2011, identity fraud increased by 13 percent and more than 11.6 million adults became a victim of identity fraud in the United States.7
• The average victim spent $631 out of pocket per incident in 2010.8
• Data breach victims are 9.5 times more likely to be a victim of identity fraud.9
• In 2010, $17 billion in new account fraud committed, in which accounts are opened without the victim's knowledge.10

Questions to consider.
• If your identity was stolen, do you have a plan of action in place?
• How long would it take to resolve the theft?
• How much would legal assistance cost without coverage?

What's more.

Allstate's Identity Recovery coverage helps keep your focus on business, not breaches. We provide coverage for financial fraud, employment-related fraud, medical identity fraud, criminal alias fraud and government documents/benefits fraud. We also provide two-in-one coverage which includes expense reimbursement and case management services.

Coverage includes:
• Expense reimbursement for criminal and civil legal fees, loan reapplications, credit reports, notary fees, and long-distance and mailing charges resulting from an identify theft
• Lost wages and child/elder care
• Mental health counseling
• Case management services

1. Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number, SSA Publication No. 05-10064, ICN 463270, August 2009,

Employment Practices Liability Coverage
What if a former employee files a claim against your company that is groundless?
Why it's necessary.

The workplace constantly throws the unexpected at you. This is why you should protect yourself against potential employment claims. This is especially true if you don't have an HR professional or formal personnel policies in place.

Know the facts.
• In 2011, about 100,000 charges were filed. This is a 21% increase since 2007.11
• Approximately half of the charges are filed against small and mid-sized businesses.12
• Approximately 75% of claims are groundless.13
Questions to consider.
• What would you do if someone filed a complaint against you with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
• How much would legal representation cost?
• How long would it take to resolve? How would that impact work?

Coverage against claims.

With Allstate, you're covered on claims initiated by a range of employees and applicants. These can include wrongful termination and harassment (including sexual harassment). Liability damages and defense costs can add up, so be business-savvy and policy-smart.

Allstate coverage goes further.
• Covers claims by full-time and part-time employees, temporary applicants, leased employees and contractors
• Optional coverage for claims initiated by third-party customers and vendors

Additional services.
• You have access to a 24-hour legal advice line
• You have, protecting you from discrimination and harassment claims
• You have deductible options from $2,500 to $10,000

Equipment Breakdown Coverage
What happens if your phones or security systems break down and need replacing?
Why it's essential.

Think of all the little things that make your business tick. Heating, phones, security, air conditioning, electrical… what if one of them suddenly fails? All equipment is subject to breakdown, leading to repair costs and interrupted business. Allstate can help you be ready for the unexpected.

Questions to consider.
• How likely is an electrical fire at work? What about an air conditioner breakdown?
• What is the average annual cost of your equipment repairs?
• If something breaks, would you have substantial income loss?

Get equipped. Get covered.

Equipment Breakdown coverage pays for many everyday mishaps. Among the most common: physical damage to equipment, spoilage loss and loss of business income, if covered on the policy.

You can be covered for:
• Short circuit or power surges
• Mechanical breakdown
• Motor burnout
• Boiler overheating, cracking, bulging and sagging
• Operator error

Additional services:
• Coverage includes jurisdictional inspections — 48 states require inspections for pressure vessels.
• Coverage includes Inspection Hotline.

Business Interruption Coverage
What happens if my business needs to shut down for
some reason?
How it's helpful.

Sometimes businesses hit a snag. Business Interruption coverage helps ensure that your business keeps operating, even when you're injured or otherwise incapacitated. Property insurance may replace the damage, but what will replace the lost profits, taxes and salaries that still need to be accounted for? This type of coverage is vital to your survival. And vital to resumption of business as usual.

Coverage includes:
• Lost income.
• The profits you would have earned, based on financial records
• Operating expenses, such as electricity

Questions to consider.
• If your business needed to temporarily close, what would be your source of income?
• If you had to vacate your business premises, could you work out of your home?
• Are you covered for more than just a few days? For a month? Indefinitely?

Business Auto Coverage
What if you can't serve customers on the road because a
vehicle is down?
Why it's key.

When a business relies on its vehicles, one minor accident can have a major effect on the ability to serve customers and keep business in high gear. Allstate Business Auto Insurance offers dependable coverage that helps get you back on the road quickly.

Questions to consider.
• What would you do if your main business vehicle got into a serious accident?
• What if the other driver was uninsured?
• What if you were injured in the accident? How would that impact work?

Extra coverage. Not extra cost.

You'll enjoy broadened coverage without having to pay more. Unlike our competitors, many great features are included in our basic auto coverage. With Allstate behind you, you have solid protection at a competitive price.

Click on the link below to view a full listing of our coverages, enhancements and features. Or simply contact an Allstate commercial auto insurance agent at 1-888-322-3070. We'll give you the best protection on four wheels.

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