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Commercial Locker
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Keep Track Of All Your Business Property And Assets.

With Commercial Locker, you can quickly and easily keep track of your business' property and physical assets. The free, easy-to-use application can be used on your mobile device or desktop computer to quickly create a visual log of what you own.

To get started, simply snap photos of your valuables and upload them directly to the app. You can organize the items by office location, space, conference room and more. And all your inventory information is stored securely in the cloud. Having a detailed track of your assets can help make the business claims process smooth and simple, should you ever have to file one.

Start using Commercial Locker straight from your mobile device.
  • Free For Everyone
    Commercial Locker is free and open to any business owner to use. Simply download the app to get started.
  • Quick Photo Inventory
    Take new photos or upload existing ones directly from your library. You can also tag multiple items within one image.
  • Track Your Locker Value
    Commercial Locker totals the cost of all the items in your locker as you add new ones.
  • Safe Storage For Your Data
    Cloud-based technology means all of your data is secure and can be accessed from any device at a moment's notice.
  • Export Items
    Should you need to file a claim, you quickly export a PDF or CSV record of all your items.

Download for iOS Download for Android

Requires iOS 8.0 and later or Android 2.3.3 and up. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Maintain Your Locker From Your Desktop.

Snap a pic and start tagging items you’d like to add to your Commercial Locker.

In addition to using Commercial Locker on-the-go, it is also available directly on your desktop. Simply enroll or log in to access your locker. You can add items from computer files and libraries, update your inventory and more.

Get started with Commerical Locker

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