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Business liability coverage can help protect your small business from unexpected costs in a number of scenarios, such as after someone is injured at your workplace or a client sues you for damages. General liability coverage comes with an Allstate Business Insurance policy, and other types of liability coverage can be added to your policy to help protect your business against specific risks. Here's a look at some of the ways liability insurance from Allstate can help cover unexpected expenses if your business is found at fault for an accident or injury.

What's covered with business liability insurance

Liability risks
Allstate coverage

Injury lawsuit

You are sued because somebody was injured after slipping on a recently mopped floor at your store.

General liability protection

This provides coverage for injury to others at your premises and helps protect you from lawsuits filed against you.

Wrongful termination lawsuit

A former employee sues you for wrongful termination.

Employment practices liability coverage

This provides coverage and support in the event of a lawsuit related to wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination. This is typically an optional coverage.

Customer data loss or theft

Customers' confidential personal and financial data that you maintain is lost or stolen.

Data compromise coverage

This optional coverage provides case management, legal support, credit monitoring and legally required notifications after customer data is affected.

Client lawsuit

A client follows your advice, but it does not turn out the way they expected, and they sue you.

Miscellaneous professional liability/errors and
omissions coverage

This covers legal obligations arising out of professional errors, negligent acts or omissions during the course of practicing your profession.

Employees use their own automobiles

You ask your employee to use their personal car to run a business errand on a busy day, and while they are in transit, they get into an accident.

Employers non-owned auto liability coverage

This optional coverage can help pay for expenses if an employee causes property damage or injury to another person while using their own vehicle to conduct business on your behalf.

Damage to a customer's health

A customer has a reaction to the chemicals that were used to provide them with services.

Products and completed operations coverage

This coverage can help pay for expenses if a customer sues your business after being harmed by a product you sell, distribute, produce or handle.

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