Filing a Business Insurance claim is simple.

We understand that your small business is your livelihood. That's why we work quickly to help get your claim processed.

Report and track a claim.

Business Auto Claim

To report a business auto claim, call 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) and follow the steps below when prompted.

  1. Say Yes when being asked "Will you need help with claims?"
  2. Say No when the voice systems says, "New claims or existing claims should be managed online. Say yes to receive a link."
  3. Say File a new claim when the voice system asks "All right which of these would you like to do"
  4. Say the commercial policy number when you hear "Please say or enter your policy number. Or say I don't have it."

To track a business auto claim, call 1-800-897-4865.

Business Owners Policy Claim

To report and track a business owners policy claim, call 1-800-359-1000.

Your guide to the business claims process

Here are five steps outlining what to expect during a business insurance claim. Keep in mind that each claim is different, and the process may vary based on the extent of damage.
  1. File and track your claim

    Commercial auto claims: Once you report your claim, you'll get a claim number to help track your claim's progress.

    Business property or liability claims: After you file your claim, your assigned adjuster will keep you updated on its status.

  2. Coverage and damage evaluation

    We will review your business insurance policy to determine what coverage you have in place. If your policy covers the damage, a professional will assess your loss and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.

  3. Review estimate

    Once you have a repair estimate, we will contact you about your claim settlement. Your claim payment is based on the terms, coverage and limits in your business insurance policy.

  4. Start repairs

    After you've reviewed your estimate and coverage with a claim professional, you may begin repairs to your business property. If you have a business auto claim, you may be able to work with a shop in the Allstate Good Hands® Repair Network to repair your vehicle.

  5. Settle your claim

    Allstate will issue payment to you or the repair provider, depending on your claim.

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