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Filing A Business Insurance Claim Is Simple

We understand that your small business is your livelihood. That's why we work quickly to help get your claim processed. To report a claim for your business auto policy, call 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) to file or track your claim. To report a claim for your business property policy, call 1-800-359-1000.

Your Guide To The Business Insurance Claims Process.

Knowing what to expect throughout the business claims process can help get you back to normal sooner. The following five steps outline what you can typically expect during the claims process, although the steps can vary based on the extent of damage.

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Step 1: File a claim.

Once you file a claim, you'll get a claim number that will help you track your claim and see where you are in the process. If immediate repairs are needed, we can provide referrals for assistance with temporary repairs, such as boarding up windows.

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Step 2: Step 2: Determine coverage.

An Allstate claims adjuster will review your policy to determine what is covered under the policy.

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Step 3: Evaluate damages.

If your policy covers the damages at hand, a professional may need to investigate the details of your loss in order to assess the damage, determine what needs to be repaired or replaced and provide you with an estimate.

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Step 4: Review estimate.

Once you've received an estimate of the damage, your Allstate claims adjuster will go over your policy and explain your settlement based on your policy, coverage and limits.

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Step 5: Start repairs.

If coverage applies, after your inspection is complete and you've received your estimate, you may begin making repairs. Where available for your business auto policy, you can choose an Allstate recommended repair vendor, or you can choose your own.

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Step 6: Settle your claim.

Depending on your circumstance for your business auto claim, Allstate may pay the repair shop directly, give you a settlement check at the time of inspection or send you a check in the mail after the estimate has been submitted and approved. For your business property claim, a check will be mailed to you.

What To Do In Case Of A Catastrophe.

In the event of a catastrophe where many businesses are affected, a dedicated Allstate team will be on site to help your claim get handled as quickly as possible. Call 1-800-54-STORM (1-800-547-8676) for questions regarding catastrophe related business claims.

Allstate Is Here For You.

Whether you're just beginning the claims process or have questions about a recent settlement, Allstate can help answer any questions.

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