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Simple Home Projects for Beginning DIYers | The Allstate Blog

Simple Home Updates for Beginning DIYers

Giving your home a fresh look doesn't require spending a lot of money or calling a contractor. From a fresh coat of paint to do-it-yourself artwork, even beginners can help give their place a new feel. No matter what DIY projects you decide to tackle in your home, the most important… Allstate
woman and man preparing to paint room blue.

Giving your home a fresh look doesn’t require spending a lot of money or calling a contractor. From a fresh coat of paint to do-it-yourself artwork, even beginners can help give their place a new feel. No matter what DIY projects you decide to tackle in your home, the most important thing to remember is that you’ll never learn how if you don’t dive in and try it. Start with something small that doesn’t intimidate you, and work your way up from there as you gain more confidence in your DIY prowess.

Here are five simple ways you can update a room without needing a big budget or a lot of DIY know-how.

  • blue wall behind gray bed.

    Paint the Walls

    Painting a room is one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to make a huge impact in a room quickly. It’s also something a lot of new homeowners shy away from in favor of sticking to the builder-basic beige walls. There’s nothing wrong with neutral, but if you want your house to feel more like home, the easiest way to cozy it up is to make the walls your own. Choose a bold color if you want to make a statement, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Paint is also a low-commitment change, and you can try something fun without much risk.
  • dark blue door in white living room.

    Replace Interior Doors

    Attention to detail is key when you’re updating your home, and one detail that’s surprisingly affordable (and easy to change) is your interior doors. Many homes have flat-panel hollow-core doors. While there’s nothing wrong with them, they don’t add much visual interest to your space. Swapping out interior doors for something with more detail can add some sophistication to your home with minimal work. You can grab a few new doors at your local home improvement store then follow this tutorial from This Old House to install them. If you want spruce it up even more, go ahead and update the hardware and doorknobs while you’re at it — every little detail helps.
    Alternatively, if you’re on a strict budget, you can add some wood trim to your plain doors and re-paint them to make it appear like a totally new door (as pictured above). This is a bit more intensive of a project, but is still something that can be accomplished in an afternoon — and you can get a custom look. Check out Remodelaholic for some great ideas on updating your doors.
  • white backsplash in white and blue kitchen.

    Update a Backsplash

    While it might seem intimidating to a home renovation newbie, tiling a backsplash is surprisingly an easy and fast project that can transform a room. With a little bit of patience, willingness to push through the learning curve and the step-by-step instructions available on Love and Renovations, you’ll have a new backsplash you’ll love. It’s a straightforward process that is worth the time it takes.
    If you aren’t comfortable trying your hand at tiling yet, there are other great options for updating a backsplash that don’t require you to touch a tile saw. You can use wood, peel and stick tiles or, like Reality Daydream did, use paint to transform the look of your backsplash without any actual tiling.
  • DIY wooden artwork on living room wall.

    Add DIY Artwork

    If you want to add some visual interest to your walls but don’t have a ton of money to spend on artwork, try making your own. It might sound scary if you don’t consider yourself a crafty or artistic person, but you don’t need to be Monet to make your own art. Get a canvas at your local craft store and try your hand at a simple abstract painting, or frame a page or two of an old book or magazine.
    A few other ideas to get you started on your art-making journey include:
  • gold light fixture above kitchen table.

    Swap Out Lighting

    You can make a major impact in a room simply by changing out your lighting, and you might be surprised at how far a new chandelier can go toward making a room look completely different. Many home improvement stores have stylish lighting options that won’t break the bank, and step-by-step instructions has a helpful tutorial for replacing a ceiling light fixture.
    You may also want to consider swapping out your light bulbs for a better hue. It’s easy to ignore the importance of using the right light bulb, but a too-yellow or too-white bulb can make your entire room feel off. Grab light bulbs with a Kelvin temperature in the 2,700 range for a bright, clean light that won’t give your room a yellow cast.

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