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How to Install a Curtain Rod | The Allstate Blog

How to Install a Curtain Rod

December 13, 2019 Whether you're hanging curtains for a new pop of color in your home or simply to have a little extra privacy, watch as home maintenance expert See Jane Drill shows how to install a curtain rod in your home. [info_banner] Allstate
living room with a blue couch and yellow curtains.

Whether you’re hanging curtains for a new pop of color in your home or simply to have a little extra privacy, watch as home maintenance expert See Jane Drill shows how to install a curtain rod in your home.

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LEAH: Hi, everybody! I’m Leah of See Jane Drill, and I’m here today with Allstate Insurance because I’m going to show you how to install a curtain rod. Let’s get started.

LEAH: Fasteners will come with the curtain rod that you purchase, but this is what happens sometimes. Sometimes your situation, well, it’s kind of unique, and the fasteners that are included, well, they don’t fit your needs.

LEAH: For example, maybe you have really heavy curtains, well, you’d want to use a winged fastener such as this. This fastener can hold up to 300 pounds.

LEAH: Maybe it’s not the weight of the curtains that you’re concerned with. Maybe it’s the wall itself. Maybe it’s brick or concrete. A general purpose fastener such as this is ideal for either.

LEAH: Now, maybe it’s not about curtain weight or wall. Maybe it’s just about the tools that you have on hand. These are fasteners that don’t require a drill at all, just a screwdriver. So, depending upon what your circumstances are, there are fasteners for all your needs.

LEAH: Now, we’re in the room where we’re going to hang the curtain.

LEAH: We only need to take three measurements. Now, because this a large window, OK, our curtain rod comes with three brackets. So, we’re going to need to measure the width of the window first. That’s the first measurement we’re going to take.

LEAH: What we do is we measure the width of the window.

LEAH:  So, our measurement is 71. And we divide that by two. And we have 35 and one half. So, we know that we need to set that bracket at 35 and one half inches.

LEAH:  35 and a half. We’re going to make a mark right here.

LEAH: So, there’s our mark. OK, our center mark. Now this leads us to our second measurement. Now, curtain rods are usually installed 4 inches above the reveal. This is the reveal underneath, OK? 4 inches up, this is what I’ve got my tape measure set at. Now, I’m just going to mark a reference line. So, there’s our second measurement. Now, our center bracket is ready to be installed. But, let’s take our third measurement.

LEAH: OK, now our third measurement. This is for the side brackets. This right here is the side reveal. Typically, the curtain rod bracket sits 1 to 3 inches beyond the reveal. We’re going to set ours at 3 inches.

LEAH: Now, just to recap: Our side brackets are placed 3 inches beyond the side reveal and then 4 inches up above the top reveal.

LEAH: OK, so here are my two reference lines. Here, that’s my horizontal, and here’s my vertical reference line. Now, what I’ve got to do is, I’ve got to take my level and place that up on that reference line. There we go. I have to make certain that my bubble is perfectly centered. It is. Strike a line. Now, I’m going to come down to this reference line here, and I’m going to do the same thing.

LEAH: But instead, I’m going to make certain that my line is nice and plumb. This is for my plumb line. Plumb is straight up and down. I’ve got to do the same thing, I’ve got to make certain that it’s centered very well. It’s centered perfectly. Strike my line. And so now, I have my reference lines for my bracket.

LEAH: OK, so I’m going to take my bracket here, for my curtain rod. I’m going to put it right there on my reference lines. Oh, now I know that I’m lined up perfectly. I’ll take a pencil and I’ll mark where I need to drill, because I’m going to have to drill a pilot hole. I’m going to mark my spot right down there.

LEAH: OK, there we go. There are my two marks. Now I know where I need to drill my holes.

LEAH: There’s one hole. And here’s the second.

LEAH: Now, I’m going to insert my anchor. We just tap it in lightly with a hammer.

LEAH: So, here’s my bracket to hang my curtain rod. Now, I’m just going to install it to my wall. Now, before I snug it up I’m going to get it into position here. I’m going to flip it around.

LEAH: Now, I’m going to put my second screw there in the bottom.

LEAH: Now that we’ve got our first bracket up, we just have to repeat the process with the remaining two brackets.

LEAH: OK, our brackets are in place. I’m going to hang our curtain rod.

LEAH: So, that’s it. Our curtains are complete, they’re up. Those brackets are up nice and solid. The curtain rod is nice and level and secure.

LEAH: This is Leah, saying “you, can do this.” See you next time.

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