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Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom

Stories by Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom

Blackout! How to Prepare for a Power Outage

Nov 8, 2017

You may want to plan for the possibility of a power outage now, instead of scrambling for a flashlight when the lights go out. Here are four categories to keep in mind when preparing for a power outage, no matter the cause. 1. Sanitation When the power goes out, some important appliances stop working, and […]

13 Unusual Safety Items for a Mom’s Purse

Dec 4, 2012

I used to carry a massive satchel for a purse until, one day, I realized that I didn’t use 80 percent of the items inside, and that I was walking with one shoulder noticeably higher than the other. That’s when I decided to pack lighter and smarter. I still carry my cellphone, a small wallet […]

City Dwellers or Country Folk: Who’s Better Prepared for a Disaster?

Jul 25, 2012

The word “prepper” hasn’t been a part of the American lexicon for very long, and yet millions now consider themselves as such. Emergency preparedness has become quite trendy, and people are stocking up on food, water, firearms and other supplies to minimize the impact an emergency will have on their lives. It’s as though a […]

The 4 Survival Skills Every Kid Should Know

Jun 26, 2012

Some of outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls’ biggest fans are kids. Their eyes widen at his derring-do, and boys and girls alike admire his survival skills and savvy. But the survival skills that are more likely to keep our kids safe and sound are actually far more mundane! Here are four survival skills that every kid […]

4 Things to Hoard for an Emergency

Jun 6, 2012

Some people call it hoarding. I just call it smart. Devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami, and the catastrophic earthquake in Japan have awakened many to our vulnerabilities. Add to that a teeter-tottering housing market, jittery economic climate, and large swaths of unemployed Americans, and it’s no wonder there’s growing interest in […]