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The Humble Mechanic

The Humble Mechanic

The Humble Mechanic is a contributor to The Allstate Blog who provides informative videos about auto safety, maintenance and repair. He is an auto mechanic, technician and all-around "grease monkey" who delivers his expert opinions on his own blog,

Stories by The Humble Mechanic

6 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic When Getting Your Car Serviced

Nov 21, 2016

Taking your car to the repair shop to be serviced can stressful, frustrating and even intimidating. But you can feel more confident about the process and the work being done on your vehicle with a little knowledge about the mechanic and the repairs being performed. To that end, there are a few simple questions that may help you […]

7 Simple Car DIY Mistakes to Avoid

Feb 16, 2016

Working on your car or truck can be a worthwhile activity or hobby for many car enthusiasts. There’s often a certain amount of personal satisfaction that can come with doing your own work instead of paying someone else to do it — not to mention the money you can save. That said, those who “wrench” […]

Top 5 Safety Tips at the Gas Pump

Dec 11, 2015

Filling up your vehicle’s gas tank is a regular task every driver must do from time to time (unless you drive an electric vehicle, of course). While they may seem mundane, these trips to the gas station do come with the potential for mishaps. Auto maintenance and repair specialist The Humble Mechanic shares his top […]