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See Jane Drill

See Jane Drill

See Jane Drill has been teaching and empowering homeowners to help take care of their own homes since 2013. With easy-to-follow tutorials and detailed explanations on a wide variety of home repairs, she encourages everyone, including beginners, to become a DIY-er and save money.

Stories by See Jane Drill

Choosing the Right Stone Countertop for Your Kitchen

Nov 5, 2018

Stone countertops often look nice in a kitchen. But, when selecting the right counter material for your kitchen, it is also important to consider the stone’s durability, maintenance and cost. To start, think about how you use your kitchen. For example, if you love to bake, you might want to consider marble countertops for rolling out dough. But […]

Clogged Sink? How to Clean Out a Sink’s P-Trap

Aug 7, 2018

Have you noticed that your kitchen or bathroom sink is clogged or drains slowly? You may be able to handle this plumbing fix yourself. Watch as home maintenance expert See Jane Drill shows you a step-by step guide to cleaning out and re-attaching your sink’s p-trap.

5 Steps to Take Before a Home Renovation

Apr 23, 2018

If you’re ready to update your 1960s kitchen or redesign your master bathroom into a glorious oasis, congratulations on finally making the decision to do a little home renovation. To help make your home improvement project go as smoothly as possible, here are some steps I recommend you take before starting the remodeling process: Evaluate […]

9 Home Maintenance Tasks for Fall

Aug 16, 2017

Come Labor Day, after a few months of outdoor fun in the sun, you may start to think about moving indoors again. The kids have headed back to school, leaves are starting to turn color and the days are getting cooler and shorter. During this time when summer is winding down, but autumn hasn’t quite […]

How to Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

Apr 26, 2017

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to the inside of your home. Your outdoor spaces need a little love, too. See Jane Drill shares a few tips to help prep your deck for the warmer weather.

5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Nov 30, 2016

Before the first snowfall is here, watch as home maintenance expert See Jane Drill shares five ways to help get your home ready for winter.

How to Install a Curtain Rod

Sep 12, 2016

Whether you’re hanging curtains for a new pop of color in your home or simply to have a little extra privacy, watch as home maintenance expert See Jane Drill shows how to install a curtain rod in your home.