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Jessica Johnson (MJ Sailing)

Jessica Johnson and her husband Matt are sailing enthusiasts who began living full-time on their boat in 2012. They cruise the east coast, have spent time in the Bahamas, Cuba, Central America, and even crossed the Atlantic twice in 2014. Jessica and Matt enjoy writing about and sharing the details of their sailing adventures on their website,

Stories by Jessica Johnson (MJ Sailing)

Packing and Provisioning: What to Have on Your Boat

Jun 3, 2019

When you think of provisioning for a trip on your boat, food may be the first thing on your mind. While you certainly want to have plenty to eat and drink, there are many more items you should consider having on board — especially if you plan to be offshore for a long period of time. As […]

How to Provision for Your Offshore Trip

Aug 14, 2018

Preparing for a day out on the water often means packing a cooler full of sandwiches, chips, fruit and drinks. It’s easy to think of what will get you through a day or two, but what if you plan to be away much longer than that? Would you know how much food and drink to […]

Consider These Tips When Winterizing Your Boat

Dec 13, 2017

Summer and fall have passed and, chances are, so has your time on the water. You’ve lovingly prepped your boat for the winter season, but have you done everything that’s necessary? Whether your boat is coming out of the water as things become icy, or it’s left bobbing in the water in warmer areas, here […]

Simple Fall Boat Maintenance Tasks

Oct 19, 2017

Boating and boat ownership during autumn months can mean different things depending on where you live. In the southern states, it could mean that the summer heat is finally dissipating enough to fully enjoy days spent out on the water. In the north, it may mean the beginning of the end of boating season. Even […]

Building Your Boating Emergency Kit

Aug 21, 2017

Summer is in full swing, and beating the heat on the water can be a great way to savor the season. Powerboats, sailboats, pontoons and boats of all types can help bring your summer activities to the next level of fun. But what if you’re away from shore and need to address a medical issue immediately? Keeping […]