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The Allstate Blog Team

The Allstate Blog Team

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Before You Buy the House: Know About Sump and Sewer Ejector Pumps

Sep 3, 2014

If you’ve never owned a home before, you may not be familiar with the sump pump or the sewer ejector pump. Some homes have a sump pump in order to help push rain water and ground water away from the exterior of the home’s foundation. Sewer ejector pumps, on the other hand, are installed in […]

Before You Buy the House: Look at the Electrical Panel

Sep 3, 2014

When you’re looking at a home you’re thinking about buying, you have a lot to consider: The home’s location, its size and layout, and its price are all important factors. Most of these things are easy to notice when you’re looking at a home with your real estate agent, but others may take a little […]

Before You Buy the House: Examine the Air Conditioning Unit

Sep 3, 2014

An air conditioner may not be at the top of your priority list if you’re house-hunting in the cooler months, but by the time summer rolls around again, it may become very important. So, as a potential home buyer, it makes sense to check out the air conditioning unit of a home you’re considering. Here […]

Before You Buy the House: Check the Gutters

Sep 3, 2014

House-hunters have many things to examine in a potential new home, both inside and out, to help ensure they’re making the best decision they can. One thing you might not think about is the home’s gutters and downspouts. They are very important, as they help route water away from the home’s foundation. How can you tell […]

Before You Buy the House: Take a Look at the Roof

Sep 3, 2014

A home is often referred to as “a roof over your head” — so the roof is obviously a major component to look at if you’re thinking of buying a house. As a first-time home buyer, how can you tell if a roof was likely recently installed, or if it may need to be replaced soon? Here […]

Before You Buy the House: Look at the Home’s Foundation

Sep 3, 2014

Everything rests on a home’s foundation. When you’re looking to potentially buy a home, there are a few things you may want to notice about its foundation. Watch the video to find out: For more tips on what to look at when you’re looking for a home to buy, visit our Smart Tips for Savvy House-Hunting. […]

Cut Down Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Sep 1, 2014

Sweltering summer temperatures can send many Americans’ air conditioning costs soaring. But you don’t necessarily have to choose between a comfortable home temperature and lower costs. There are ways to keep your home cool without taking a big bite of your budget. Consider these straightforward ideas you can begin using quickly. Make the Most of Your […]

End the Summer in Style with a Block Party

Sep 1, 2014

Soon enough, summer will be winding down, and the kids will be heading back to school. But before we all say goodbye to sunshine, swimsuits and sunblock, consider one last hurrah: Throw the ultimate summer block party and celebrate the end of summer with your neighbors. Here are some step-by-step ideas on how to throw […]

Canning Safety 101

Aug 29, 2014

While canning your home-grown produce is a great way to enjoy the bounty of your garden year round, it is important to know how to do so in a safe manner. If canning is done improperly, there is a risk of contracting botulism poisoning from the finished product. Botulism poisoning is a serious disease caused by […]

Ecard: The One Time It’s OK to Air Dirty Laundry

Aug 19, 2014

Dryers can use more energy than any other appliance in the home, and are responsible for 2 percent of our nation’s energy consumption, according to Home Energy Magazine. The simple act of hanging those baby clothes out to dry can cut your energy bills and helps the environment, too. It can also extend the life of the fabric so […]