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Mac Demere

Mac Demere

Mac Demere is a veteran automotive journalist and a recovering race car driver. He raced in the 24 Hours of Daytona and NASCAR Southwest Tour series, and co-drove to victory in five 24-hour races. In addition he was a certified test driver for a major tire maker. He currently is an instructor for an advanced teen driving school.

Stories by Mac Demere

Beater Makeovers: Upgrades and Upkeep for Older Cars

Jan 2, 2014

Perhaps you’ve inherited an old family vehicle. Or you’re about to hand down an older car to a young driver. Maybe financial troubles are forcing you into a lower-priced vehicle. If so, you are not alone. I drive a 2003 four-door with nearly 200,000 miles on the odometer, and it’s suffered at the hands of […]

How to Safely Handle a Tire Blowout

Jul 2, 2013

Imagine a professor saying, “A passing grade requires you to do nothing.” That’s exactly what I told the 1,500 or so drivers I taught to safely handle a tire blowout. Blowing a tire can be scary, and resisting the urge to do something can be hard, but practice makes perfect — so we put our […]