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Andrea Davis, HomeAdvisor

Andrea Davis is the editor for HomeAdvisor, which helps homeowners find home improvement professionals in their area at no charge to help ensure the best service in the shortest amount of time.

Stories by Andrea Davis, HomeAdvisor

3 Ways to Winterize Your Deck

Oct 10, 2016

The cool breezes of autumn mean winter is right around the corner. While you’re enjoying those crisp fall days, you may want to add winterizing your deck to your to-do list. Here are three ways to help keep your deck in tip-top shape throughout the winter months. 1. Clean Your Deck Dirt, moisture and other summertime stains […]

5 Ways to Fix Up Your Basement on a Budget

Aug 1, 2016

From extra storage space to a workout area, renovated basements can provide some much needed function and comfort in your home. If you’re looking to fix up your basement, here are five ways to upgrade your space on a budget. 1. Cover the Walls Installing drywall to your basement’s exposed frame can be an easy way to […]