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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips for Chimneys and Furnaces

Winter is here. And while you’ve probably fired up the furnace and stocked up on firewood already have you studied up on carbon monoxide safety? A common output of malfunctioning or improperly used appliances, carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that’s nicknamed the “silent killer” because you can’t see it, smell it or taste it. […]

Home Safety Checklist: 7 Items New Homeowners Should Check

Home safety may not be the first thing you think about when moving into a new home. Sure, you may have had a home inspector check the property before you bought the place, but this inspection may not find every defect in a home. To help guide you, here’s a home safety checklist you may want to […]

Keep Home Security in Mind When Hiring a Contractor

Homeowners know all too well that appliances break, pipes leak, and sometimes home upgrades and repairs are a necessity. While we all wish we had a neighbor like Bob Vila, the reality is sometimes we need to hire the help of a home contractor to do the work for us. But giving a stranger free […]