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Tarsila Wey, First Alert

Tarsila Wey, First Alert

Brand Manager.

Stories by Tarsila Wey, First Alert

5 Hidden Dangers in Your Home—and How to Foil Them

Jun 20, 2012

It can sometimes be difficult to remember all the little things we should be doing to keep our families safe. As a mother of three boys, I know this all too well. Luckily there are a lot of observances during the year that remind us to take time out from our busy lives and think […]

Tips for What to Save in Your Safe

Apr 25, 2012

What do a hand grenade, a mugshot and a turkey wishbone all have in common? According to a survey by First Alert, these are among the items you might find inside your neighbor’s safe. Recently, we asked 1,000 Americans what they would store in a safe if they had one. And some of the answers […]

Precautions Prevent Holiday Fires

Dec 6, 2011

‘Tis the season for festive treats, family gatherings and holiday décor. To get into the holiday spirit, my family, like many others, celebrates with decorations and additional heating sources that we don’t typically use at other times of the year. Though it is great fun to celebrate, you also need to take the proper safety […]

Don’t Get Burned: Fire Safety Beyond ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’

Oct 7, 2011

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your smoke alarm, you have a good reason to be alarmed, but you’re also not alone. In one of our recent surveys, we found that 13 percent of Americans have never replaced the smoke alarms in their homes, making them among the 119 million households across […]

5 Tips for Keeping Things “Safe” on Campus

Sep 30, 2011

From text books to laptops, parents of college-bound students spend thousands of dollars preparing their children for a new school year. Now that the back-to-school dust has settled, it’s important to know how to keep that stuff safe. According to J.D. Power and Associates, property theft is the number one crime on college campuses, affecting […]

Chim-Chim Cheree: Tips to Help Prevent Chimney Fires

Sep 29, 2011

When there’s a nip in the air, your thoughts may turn to cozying up next to a roaring fire. But before laying down any logs, it’s important to think about the potential dangers that come with using a fireplace. Each year, 24,500 residential fires occur in chimneys, causing 20 deaths and $126.1 million in property damage. […]