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Tarsila Wey, First Alert

Tarsila Wey, First Alert

Brand Manager.

Stories by Tarsila Wey, First Alert

Carbon Monoxide Facts for New Homeowners

Feb 18, 2015

Young families settling in to their first home have a lot to think about — maybe more than they’ve ever had to consider before. With all the new financial and legal responsibilities, new neighbors, new home features and their maintenance, and more, it’s crucial that safety remains top of mind. Don’t fret — ensuring that you and your family […]

Practice Fire Safety in October

Oct 13, 2014

It’s a potentially fatal (and far too common) scenario: An otherwise functional smoke alarm is rendered ineffective when a homeowner, annoyed by an end-of-life signal or false alarm, deliberately deactivates the device by removing its batteries or removing the device altogether – thus leaving the home and everyone who lives there unprotected from the dangers […]

Back to School: Carbon Monoxide Safety for Kids

Sep 2, 2014

After a long, fun summer, back-to-school time is upon us! Along with all the excitement of new friends, new teachers and new things to learn, it’s also a great time to make sure all our kids are educated about carbon monoxide (CO) safety. Print out the activities below to help your kids learn about CO to […]

Give Your Home a Summer Spruce-Up [SLIDESHOW]

Jun 23, 2014

Home truly is where my heart is. After all, it’s where I raised my three children, entertained friends and family, and relaxed after many a hard day. While I love my home, it’s seen its share of wear and tear over the years, which is why I’m using this season to give it some simple […]

4 Garage Dangers You May Have Overlooked

Sep 4, 2013

Do you cringe when you open your garage door? All of that clutter — from gardening tools, old furniture and sports equipment to half-empty paint cans and pesticides — limits the usability of the space and, what’s more, it’s exposed for all your guests and neighbors to see. Rolling down the door won’t make that […]

Hurricane Preparedness Tips: 4 Ways to Waterproof Your Stuff

Aug 26, 2013

Taking advantage of the calm before a storm to prepare can help keep you afloat when severe weather strikes.  So, this might be the time to think about enhancing the basics of your emergency kit (water, food, prescriptions, radio, flashlights, batteries, etc.) with waterproof supplies that can help keep your home and valuables safe and […]

Power Surges, Dirty Lint Traps and Other Hidden Home Dangers

Aug 12, 2013

Being a homeowner and a mother, I work hard to keep my house and family safe. But homes face all types of threats — some less obvious than others. Here’s a list I put together of possible dangers hiding in or around your home (a follow-up to my earlier post about hidden home dangers): Power Surges My […]

Safety and Security: 4 Ways to Protect Your Small Business

Jun 20, 2013

I’m sure most – if not all – of the nearly 28 million U.S. business owners and entrepreneurs today would agree that running a small business isn’t an easy feat.  I know how important it is to me to make sure my home and family are protected, so I can imagine how one of small […]

Whole-Home Safety: Room-by-Room Safety Fixes for the Entire House

Jan 30, 2013

If you’re a parent, chances are you have no problem relating to the saying, “You can’t be everywhere at once.” Juggling a career with my kids’ countless homework assignments, sporting events, performances and other after-school activities makes for a busy schedule. This saying also applies to home safety. You might not be able to have […]

What an Expert Learned About Home Safety from Her Kids

Aug 16, 2012

Sadly, summer is almost over. Now that I’m in a back-to-school mindset—and sending my firstborn off to college—I’m also reflecting on how much my kids have grown and how much they’ve taught me through the years. Thanks to my job, I know a lot about home safety. Even so, my kids teach me important lessons […]