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Stories by Tarsila Wey, First Alert

Carbon Monoxide Facts for New Homeowners

Young families settling in to their first home have a lot to think about — maybe more than they’ve ever had to consider before. With all the new financial and legal responsibilities, new neighbors, new home features and their maintenance, and more, it’s crucial that safety remains top of mind. Don’t fret — ensuring that you and your family […]

4 Garage Dangers You May Have Overlooked

Do you cringe when you open your garage door? All of that clutter — from gardening tools, old furniture and sports equipment to half-empty paint cans and pesticides — limits the usability of the space and, what’s more, it’s exposed for all your guests and neighbors to see. Rolling down the door won’t make that […]

Whole-Home Safety: Room-by-Room Safety Fixes for the Entire House

If you’re a parent, chances are you have no problem relating to the saying, “You can’t be everywhere at once.” Juggling a career with my kids’ countless homework assignments, sporting events, performances and other after-school activities makes for a busy schedule. This saying also applies to home safety. You might not be able to have […]