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Brian Lynn

Brian Lynn

As an editor and writer for such publications as and Outdoor Life, Brian has extensive experience outdoors. His knowledge comes at the price of experience. Having done a lot of things “wrong” the first time, you can learn from Brian’s experience about what you may want to do instead.

Stories by Brian Lynn

Does My Boat Have Enough Horsepower?

Feb 4, 2017

Prospective motorboat buyers, whether in the market for a brand-new or used vessel, eventually have to decide how big of a motor they want.  While powerboat companies and their respective print ads would have you believe that everyone needs a direct-injected, two-stroke, 250-horsepower engine, that may not be the case – but there may be […]

Four-Wheel Drive: What to Use and When

Jan 1, 2017

When it comes to traction on slick pavement, gravel roads, snow or off-road, four-wheel drive may be more likely to help keep you moving forward when a two-wheel drive vehicle could slip off the shoulder or be buried up to the axle attempting to get a grip. This begs the question: When do you use the […]

4 Must-Have ATV Accessories

Jan 21, 2014

All-terrain vehicles provide hours of off-road fun, and they also come in handy when there’s work to be done. With a few simple additions to your ATV, you can turn a bland (as bland as an ATV can get anyway) four-wheeler into a customized workhorse. Snowplow Photo courtesy of coopdog via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 Forget […]

How To Build Your Own Igloo

Dec 23, 2013

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate winter fort or a shelter when camping, an igloo provides the surprising protection and warmth available when the snow flies. Igloos can accommodate a small stove for cooking, can be built with sleeping platforms. Despite common skepticism, some experts report that a well-constructed igloo containing a small oil lamp and the […]

How To Go Ice Fishing the Right Way

Dec 6, 2013

Arctic temperatures are freezing ponds and lakes in some parts of the country, which means ice-fishing season will soon kick off. In most areas, ice fishing usually starts in January and runs into March. Whether you’re braving the elements and sitting on a bucket in the open, or kicking back in a tricked-out, heated shanty […]

Tips for Increasing Cargo Room

Nov 26, 2013

Family road trips can create lifelong memories, but they can also generate frustration and discomfort if the kids, Grandma or your spouse has to squeeze between packed luggage like a Tetris block. There’s an easy fix, however: External cargo carriers give you more room and flexibility. They do come with a few drawbacks, but nothing […]

How To Build the Ultimate Snowman

Nov 18, 2013

Cold weather and accumulating snow might make for treacherous driving, but for kids (and the young at heart) piles of winter snow provide a winter wonderland of imagination and creation. Often times, making a pleasant addition to the yard in front of your home can both add to the ambiance of the neighborhood and possibly […]

Consider This When Buying a Fishing Boat

Aug 20, 2013

Proper gear, including a fishing boat, can be a significant factor contributing to your fishing success. Figuring out which boat to buy, however, can often prove overwhelming when you start considering makes, models, engine configurations and more. Here are a few tips to help sort through all the options. The biggest variables to consider when […]

How to Launch a Boat

Aug 13, 2013

Novice boat owners may admit that launching a watercraft can be the most intimidating and nerve-wracking moments of an otherwise enjoyable day on the water. With skiers, anglers or pleasure cruisers waiting, the pressure to get your boat in the water and then out of the way in a timely manner can lead even the […]

Lost? How to Signal for Help

Aug 9, 2013

It happens every year – people get stranded on a road trip or lost while hiking, camping or hunting and fishing. It could be anywhere, from a remote desert to a snowy mountain back. Knowing how to stay comfortable and signal for help are some of your biggest concerns when you’re stuck or lost. Here […]