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5 Rooms to Stage When Selling Your Home | The Allstate Blog

5 Rooms to Stage When Selling Your Home

August 22, 2019 Prepping your home for prospective buyers can be daunting. You want to make sure you're accentuating your home's strengths while, at the same time, minimizing any weak spots. It might also feel a little overwhelming to figure out how to get your home ready for an upcoming showing. Watch as Tori… Allstate
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Prepping your home for prospective buyers can be daunting. You want to make sure you’re accentuating your home’s strengths while, at the same time, minimizing any weak spots. It might also feel a little overwhelming to figure out how to get your home ready for an upcoming showing.

Watch as Tori Toth — home staging expert — talks about the five rooms to stage in your home so you can get your abode ready for potential buyers.

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TORI: Preparing a home for sale can be a daunting task, especially for homeowners who may have neglected their home for many years.

TORI: Hey, I’m Tori with the place to be to create a home buyers or anyone for that matter will find irresistible.

TORI: Before going to market, make sure your home is prepared for sale. Now, while I do recommend you stage your entire home. You should specifically focus on these five main areas.

TORI: First off, the living room. This is a place where everyone comes to hang out.

TORI: Buyers want to make sure there’s enough room to entertain and spend time with family and friends.

TORI: Repairs to consider in this room are usually dealing with the floor and walls.

TORI: If you have carpet, make sure it’s in good condition. Give it a good steam cleaning or you may want to replace it with wood floors.

TORI: When’s the last time you painted this room? Painting can be a cheap solution to updating the room to create a neutral, bright and clean space.

TORI: Notable areas to declutter in your living room, is anything on the floor, your shelves or even furniture taking up valuable space.

TORI: Consider updating the space by adding a few key pieces to display in the room like new throw pillows, more lighting or even a new rug.

TORI: The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means it’s constantly being used.

TORI: While the kitchen’s main focus is food, buyers look for roomy kitchens that are functional.

TORI: Have an older kitchen? Consider painting the cabinets, adding new hardware, purchasing new appliances or changing out the countertops and floors to update the space.

TORI: Cut clutter on the countertop. You should only have three small appliances on them with corresponding items to use with those appliances.

TORI: Organize your glass cabinets and go through your pantry leaving some empty space to make it appear bigger.

TORI: Add a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers on the counter. This softens up the hardscape by adding life to the space.

TORI: Or try a cookbook to help remind buyers they can make some memorable meals in this kitchen.

TORI: A dining room should be comfortable, yet sophisticated and be clutter free to easily whip up a dinner party at a moment’s notice.

TORI: Again, it’s important to look at the floor and walls and fix any repairs. And don’t forget to look up. Add a new chandelier fixture or update your existing one to add some bling.

TORI: This room can easily collect clutter by becoming a makeshift office or place to drop off items. Remove all items that are not associated with fine dining.

TORI: Oh and don’t forget to clear out those hutches, less is more when displaying items on those shelves.

TORI: The main accessory you need in this room is a show-stopping centerpiece. Try a mixture of flowers, LED candles or seasonal décor to add interest to your table.

TORI: Ah, the master bedroom! This is an important room for buyers since they will spend every night in this space relaxing, sleeping and spending personal quality time with family members.

TORI: It needs to feel like a hotel room. Make sure closet doors work properly and the shelving inside is functional.

TORI: Of course, clean those carpets and consider a relaxing, neutral color on the walls.

TORI: Remove items on the floor like clothes, books, shoeboxes, paperwork and extra pieces of furniture eating up valuable square footage.

TORI: The focal point in this room is the bed so purchase new bedding with throw pillows. Try adding wall art over the bed and a table lamp on the nightstand.

TORI: Also, if you have enough room try adding a seating area facing towards the bed, it’s another place to sit while dressing, as well.

TORI: Like the kitchen, the bathroom is an important area of the home because it’s a personal space that is used by everyone. These spaces need to be clean, updated and feel like a spa.

TORI: Of course, paint can help neutralize the space. Did you know you can even paint colored tile? It’s true.

TORI: If needed, change out the sink’s countertop, replace grout and re-caulk.

TORI: You want to remove all toiletries and personal products during an open house.

TORI: Don’t forget to hide any toddler or elderly toilets, plungers, toilet brushes and magazines.

TORI: Consider purchasing new luxurious neutral towels, a neutral shower curtain, some flowers and matching accessories.

TORI: Start in these main areas to help attract potential buyers to your home. To get you one step closer to the closing table.

TORI: Thanks for watching and happy selling!

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