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A simple, transformative way to protect your customers.

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What’s embedded insurance?

Embedded insurance integrates our simple quoting platform directly into your website and customer journey for a seamless buying experience.

By just adding a few lines of code to your site, this solution can help improve your customer engagement, loyalty and overall experience, while earning additional revenue for your business.

Our embedded insurance solution delivers:

  • Customer convenience

    The system pre-fills customers' information, for a simple and intuitive user experience.
  • Transparent policy pricing

    Pricing is shown upfront, so there’s no second-guessing the cost.
  • Multiple plan options

    Customers can match their needs to the right plan for them.

Benefits for your business

Allstate Embedded Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to help elevate your operations.

  • Compensation. Straightforward compensation models regardless of your businesses' licensing status.
  • Partner performance tracking and reporting. Monitoring key metrics helps identify strengths and provides valuable insight.

a ready-to-add solution that is quick and easy

No API integration or custom coding needed, just copy a few lines of code into your website.

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Why work with Allstate?

As a leader in protection, we're dedicated to supporting your business.

A partner you can rely on

  • One of the leading national auto and homeowners insurers.
  • With over 90 years of success and paving the way for a thriving future.
  • Our team of experts are ready to support your customers when they need it.

Embedded insurance FAQs