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Winter Travel Tips
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Winter Weather Driving Tips

Between holiday road trips and unpredictable weather conditions, winter can be a treacherous time to drive. Record snowfall, below zero temperatures, sleet, and ice are common winter occurrences in many parts of the country.

Follow these tips to make winter driving a bit more bearable.

Get Your Car Ready

Make sure your vehicle is ready for winter with a maintenance check-up. Have your battery, belts, hoses, radiator, oil, lights, brakes, tires, exhaust system, heater, defroster, and wipers checked. You might want to keep at least a half tank of gas in your car during the winter. This will help prevent a gas line freeze and may come in handy during long, weather-related traffic jams.

Know the Weather

First, if you don't have to leave, stay home. But if you can't avoid a trip in treacherous weather, be sure to prepare by watching the weather report; if possible, revise your trip schedule to avoid dangerous road conditions. You may find it helpful to download weather and traffic apps for your smartphone—just don't use them while driving.

Drive Slowly

Dangerous roads are even more hazardous when you're in a hurry, so leave plenty of extra time to get to your destination. Accelerate, decelerate, and drive slowly—remember, the speed limit applies to ideal driving conditions only. Also, you'll want to increase the distance between you and the car in front of you—about twice as much as normal.

Keep Your Windshield Clear

If your winter maintenance check-up revealed worn wipers, or if they don't seem to be wiping properly, you'll want to purchase a new pair.

Make sure your windshield wiper fluid reservoir is full of fluid rated to at least -22 degrees so it won't freeze in extreme temps. Windshields can quickly get cloudy with road salt and dirt, and it's important to always have a clear line of sight.

Steer Clear of Snowplows

Stay back! To clear the roads properly, snowplows need plenty of room. You should avoid passing snowplows altogether, but never pass a snowplow on the right. For road clearing, the blades on the front of the snowplow are most often positioned to push snow to the right side of the road, and they do so with much force.

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