Smart savings for student drivers

It’s a big step to get behind the wheel while you’re a student, so of course you want peace of mind with quality coverage that’s affordable. Allstate is here to help with car insurance discounts specifically for college and high-school students.

Young drivers, proven savings

Get car insurance that’s both dependable on the road and easy on your budget as a student. Learn about driver discounts for students by contacting your Allstate representative for more information.

Why does it cost more to insure college students and teen drivers?

Driving can be riskier for teens and college students than experienced drivers. Some of these risks can include:

  • Overall inexperience
  • Not wearing seatbelts
  • Higher chance of distracted driving
  • Higher rates of alcohol use
  • Tendency to speed
  • Higher likelihood of accidents at night or on the weekend

Smart student discount & other ways to save

There are lots of avenues to take on the road to smart savings. The smart student discount, for example, applies if the driver is under the age of 25, unmarried and qualifies for one of these categories:

  • Is a full-time student getting good grades
  • Has successfully completed the teenSMART® driver education program
  • Attends school at least 100 miles away from where your car is garaged

But that's not the only cost-saving opportunity. Here are some other possible ways to save on car insurance if you're a teen or college student driver:
  • Sign them up for driver's ed
  • Share their good report card
  • Get a better rate with multi-vehicle family plans
  • Buy used vehicles with high safety ratings
  • Compare car insurance from three providers
  • Emphasize the importance of a clean driving record
  • Sign up for a defensive driving course
  • Consider whether to raise your deductible to lower your premium
  • Get rewarded for safe driving with Drivewise®
  • When you drive less, you can pay less with Milewise®

give student drivers the keys to better savings

Hit the road with quality coverage and peace of mind with Allstate auto insurance, no matter where the road takes you.

Protection for college students & teens

New privileges mean new responsibilities. Learn how to stay safe on the road as a driver who is a student.

car insurance for teens

An Allstate representative can help you boost savings

Your Allstate representative can help you prepare to add your teen or college student to your policy. They can also:

  • Answer questions you may have during this transition, like your coverage options and when to add teens or college students to your policy
  • Enroll your driver in Drivewise® to build and reinforce safe driving behavior
  • Determine whether Accident Forgiveness and other add-ons are right for you

Allstate's Good Hands® field goal nets program

Allstate helps kick off the college football season with our signature Good Hands field goal nets program. Allstate's Good Hands symbol appears on the field goal nets of 94 college and university stadiums, as well at championship and bowl games. For every field goal kicked into one of these nets, Allstate donates to that school's scholarship fund. Thanks to this program, Allstate has contributed millions of dollars to college scholarships across the country since 2015.

Job opportunities & internships for students

As a high-school or college student, you're most likely starting to think about your future and the career path you may want to take. You can take your first step to success with Allstate's internship programs or a job position. Learn more about starting a career at Allstate.