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Safe Driving Bonus®

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Allstate Rewards Safe Drivers

Defensive driving and other safe driving practices can help you stay safe on the road, and those habits may also help you save on car insurance. If you're enrolled in Allstate's Safe Driving Bonus® program, you'll earn a bonus every six months you don't have an accident.

From a culmination of safe driving discounts, safe driving bonuses are delivered directly to your bank account, unless you arrange to have a check mailed or ask to receive a credit to your car insurance policy instead. Contact an Allstate agent to enroll in the Safe Driving Bonus® program and start earning.

Drive Safely, Get Allstate Rewards

You always come to complete stops, yield to pedestrians and never take your eyes off the road. Allstate wants to reward you every six months you don't have an accident.
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How can you get rewarded?

If you're a safe driver, you can benefit from Safe Driving Bonus.

Video Transcript

Safe Driving Bonus

Super: Safe Driving Bonus

Super: We'll reward you for

Super: Safe Driving

00:03 — 00:05 VO: We'll reward you for safe driving.

Super: Because you should get credit for

Super: Super: Slowing down

Super: Turning on your lights

Super: Switching lanes to avoid scooter

00:07 — 00:18 VO: Because you should get credit for slowing down at crosswalks, turning your lights on in the rain, switching lanes to avoid scooters.

Super: Only Allstate

Super: will give you a Safe Driving Bonus

Super: Every 6 months

Super: Accident free

00:20 — 00:28 VO: Only Allstate will give you a safe driving bonus — every six months you drive accident free.

00:29 — 00:32 VO: You're in good hands with Allstate.

Other Insurance Discounts & Perks for Safe Driving

Here's a look at some of the other ways Allstate rewards safe drivers:

  • Deductible Rewards — Get $100 off your collision deductible the day you sign up, plus an additional $100 off each year you drive accident free — up to $500 total.
  • Drivewise® — Get personalized driving feedback that can help you drive safer and lower your insurance costs.
It's that easy to be rewarded for the safe driving you already do every day. See how much more the personalized service of an Allstate Agent can do for you. Talk to your local Allstate agent for help enrolling in a safe driver rewards program or for help finding other car insurance discounts.

And if you have been in accident, don't worry. With Accident Forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident and you're protected even if it was your fault—it starts the day you sign up.

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