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Rent With No Auto Insurance
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Can You Rent a Car with No Auto Insurance?

Everyone knows that you need auto insurance whenever you pull your car out of the garage and on to the road. What's not as clear is what happens when you step up to the rental counter to borrow a set of wheels for the weekend.

What if you don't own a car? You never drive, so you don't need auto insurance, right? Won't the rental car company insure the car?

Anytime you're driving, the law requires that you be covered by auto insurance. It doesn't matter whose car you are driving. Your own, a friend's or even a rental.

And a rental company typically doesn't include insurance with their rate. Usually, it's an option you can add because they assume you already have your own insurance policy. Some companies do include insurance with the price of renting one of their cars, so be sure to ask or read the fine print.

Bottom line - if you're behind a wheel, you need insurance. It helps cover you if you hurt someone else, if you damage the car or if you damage someone else's property.

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