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Deductible Rewards®

Savings for safe driving

Year after year, you drive without getting into an accident—you deserve to be rewarded for safe driving. Get $100 off your deductible the day you sign up for Allstate Deductible Rewards. And earn an additional $100 dollars off each year you continue driving safely, up to $500!

Reward yourself

Sign up for Deductible Rewards to start earning for the safe driving you do every day.

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A closer look at Deductible Rewards

As a safe driver, you could be earning rewards for your good habits. See how you can start earning today.

Video Transcript

Deductible Rewards:

Super: Deductible Rewards

Super: Your Deductible $500

Super: We reward safe drivers

00:04 — 00:08 VO: At Allstate, we reward safe drivers. With lower deductibles.

Super: With lower deductibles

00:11 — 00:16 VO: Each year you drive collision free, we take $100 off your deductible. Up to five hundred dollars.

Super: Each year you're collision free

Super: Get $100 off your deductible

Super: Plus, $100 when you sign up

Super: So your deductible could be reduced to $500 - $0

00:20 — 00:30 VO: Plus, we'll take $100 off the day you sign up. So over time, your deductible could be reduced to nothing. You're in good hands with Allstate.

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