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New Car Replacement

Help protect your new ride.

Owning a new car means doing your best to protect it. But, if the unexpected happens and it gets totaled in an accident, optional new car replacement coverage can help. If your car is two model years old or less, we won't just give you a check for the depreciated value—we'll replace the car completely.

New ride, extra protection .

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With Allstate, you can help prepare your new car for the road ahead. Watch how it works.

Video Transcript

New Car Replacement:

Super: New Car Replacement

Super: Did you know

00:04 — 00:10 VO: Did you know a new car depreciates eleven percent, as soon as you leave the lot?

Super: A new car depreciates 11% as soon as you leave the lot?

Super: If your new car is totaled

Super: Most auto insurance will only cover the depreciated value

00:15 — 00:21 VO: If your new car is totaled, most auto insurance will only cover you for the depreciated value of the car.

Super: with Allstate New Car Replacement

00:22 — 00:28 VO: With Allstate New Car Replacement, if your car is two years-old or newer, you're covered for the amount you need to get a brand new car.

00:29 — 00:28 VO: You're in good hands with Allstate.

What's required in my state?

Each state has different laws for how much insurance you have to have. Make sure you know the minimum requirements, and find out what most people have in your state.

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