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Auto insurance for teen drivers

Keeping new drivers in good hands

Your teen getting their license is a milestone—for them and for your insurance. Until your new driver gains experience on the road, having them on your policy can be pricey. But Allstate is here to help.

Whether it's through offering more ways to reward safe drivers, innovating for the good of our customers or working to decrease distracted driving, Allstate has helped keep young drivers in good hands since 1931. Together, we can get through potential bumps in the road.

Most states require drivers to have auto liability insurance before they can legally drive, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). The student driver is covered by his/her parents' policy as a household member. Once he/she gets a license, he/she would generally then need be listed as an operator on the policy.

Parents and teenage son looking at the state's driving rules in a booklet.

You can count on a local agent.

Allstate is committed to protecting families and what matters most to our customers.

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Save on your teen's insurance with auto policy discounts.

Whether they're just starting out or a little more seasoned, teen drivers can earn discounts:

  • If your teen gets teenSMART certified
  • If your student driver younger than 25 meets Allstate grade requirements
  • If your student driver under 21 keeps their car at school 100+ miles from home
See teen discounts
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Technology can help Reinforce driving skills.

Tools and programs specifically designed to create and reinforce safe driving skills can help your new driver learn good habits.

  • Drivewise® delivers personalized driving feedback and insights that can translate into savings for safe driving so you can stay informed of any unsafe driving habits—perfect for coaching your new driver.
  • teenSMART® training program can help reduce teens' collision risk by providing them with immediate, interactive driving feedback on specific skills.
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If the road gets bumpy, we help you stay steady.

If your teen gets in a car accident, Allstate can help them get back on the road.

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Roadside Rescue is just a tap away.

From running out of gas, to getting a flat tire to locking the keys in the car, a lot can happen on the road. But help is just a few taps away with Allstate Roadside Assistance in the Allstate® Mobile app. Your teen can have quick access to:

  • Services such as towing, tire changes, jump starts and more
  • Allstate's network of 24/7 roadside providers, dispatched in minutes
  • Arrival-time GPS tracking of the help that's on the way
A mother sits in the passenger seat and smiles at her teenage daughter in the driver's seat.

On the road to a driver's license

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws, such as learner's permits, can help lower your teen's driving risks. Know the rules of the road in your state to help your teen learn safely.

See laws in:

Help keep your teen driver safe.

You can't always be with them, but they can take your guidance wherever they go.

Lay some ground rules.

  • Discuss when, where, how and with whom your teen can drive
  • Limit the number of passengers in the car
  • Establish a curfew
  • Insist your driver (and passengers) wear seatbelts at all times
  • Limit teen driving during high-risk times, like Friday or Saturday nights
  • Set driving-area limits
  • Prohibit driving under the influence—or riding with friends who are

Avoid distracted driving dangers.

  • Talking and texting on a cell phone
  • Eating and drinking
  • Focusing on passengers
  • Reading maps or other materials
  • Using a navigation system
  • Changing the music you're listening to

Know insurance requirements in your state.

Different states have different minimum requirements for car insurance. Find out what you need, and what many people around you have.

State Map

Select your state to see coverage requirements.

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Many factors go into the cost of your auto insurance policy, including how you purchase the policy: online, through a call center, or with an agent.

Insurance, coverage and discounts are subject to terms, conditions and availability, which may vary by state. Discount amounts and total savings will vary.

1Drivewise is optional. Insurance feature is not available in every state. Subject to terms, conditions, and availability. Smartphone and download of Allstate Mobile with activation of Drivewise required. Savings based on Driving behavior and may vary by state.

2Claims Satisfaction Guarantee is not available in every state.
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