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Located in the Southwestern United States, Arizona is the sixth largest and 14th most populous state in the country. Known for its desert climate of hot summers and mild winters, Arizona features forests, mountains and canyons, including Grand Canyon National Park. One of the Four Corners region, along with New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, Arizona is also home to 27 federally recognized Native American tribes. The capital, Phoenix, is home to professional football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey teams. Arizona is also home to Tucson, Scottsdale, Flagstaff and Mesa. The state's economy is built on health care and transportation. Interstates 8 and 10 run east to west through the state while Interstates 17 and 19 run north and south.

When it comes to auto insurance, just like its landmarks, cuisine and culture, every state is different. See what coverage and coverage limits Arizona requires in the table below. These requirements are just a starting point – you may want to purchase additional car insurance or increase your coverage limits.

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Arizona car insurance state minimums

Coverage type
State requirements

Bodily injury liability
Helps cover expenses related to the injury or death of another driver or a pedestrian when an accident is your fault.

$25,000 limit per person/$50,000 limit per accident

Property damage liability
Helps cover expenses related to the damage of another person's property — like vehicles, homes, buildings and other structures — when an accident is your fault.

$15,000 limit

Uninsured motorist
Covers medical expenses if you're in an accident, the other driver is at fault and doesn't have any insurance.

Not required

Underinsured motorist
Helps cover your medical expenses if you're in an accident, the other driver is at fault and doesn't have enough liability insurance.

Not required

Medical expenses
If you and/or your passengers are hurt in an accident, this helps cover medical or funeral expenses.

Not required

Helps cover expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that's been damaged in an accident.

Not required¹

Helps cover expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that's been stolen or damaged by things like storms or vandalism.

Not required¹

All coverages are subject to the coverage limits stated in your policy.

¹Although Arizona law does not require drivers to carry this coverage, it may be required by your lender if you are leasing or financing your vehicle.

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Other types of car insurance coverage in Arizona

Allstate also offer these other types of car insurance coverage:

  • Roadside coverage
  • Ride for Hire®
  • Rental reimbursement coverage

Learn about these and other car insurance coverage types available.

Arizona car insurance discounts

It's possible to get quality coverage at a lower rate than you might think. When you get a quote for Arizona auto insurance from Allstate, you may be eligible for discounts that could help you save. Some available discounts can include:

  • Multiple policy / bundling discount
  • New car discount
  • Early Signing Discount®
  • Responsible payer discount
  • Good student discount

Review the different types of car insurance discounts tailored to you and enjoy savings without cutting coverage.

Insurance bundling discounts

Allstate offers discounts for having multiple polices together, when you need multiple types of protection — for instance, bundling your auto and homeowners insurance could save you up to 10%*. When you bundle multiple Allstate insurance policies, you can quickly access them with a single sign-in, where you can review your coverages and make payments.

Factors that can impact your car insurance rates in Arizona

In addition to selecting the coverages, limits and deductibles that's right for you, these factors could also affect your car insurance rates in Arizona:

  • The type of car you're insuring (year, make, model)
  • Your driving habits and annual mileage
  • Demographic factors, like zip code
  • Any discounts you may qualify for

Learn more about these factors that could impact your car insurance premium.

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