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Arizona Auto Insurance
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Auto insurance requirements are based on your location.

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Getting the right car insurance starts with knowing your state insurance requirements. In Arizona, you're legally required to have the car insurance coverage at the levels listed in the chart below. Once you're familiar with the basics, take a look at the common coverage levels of Allstate® policyholders in Arizona. It's a great way to get a sense of what others are choosing in your area.

Your agent can help you understand the different coverage types available in your state. Then you can decide what limits and deductibles best fit your needs. As your life changes, your car insurance should, too. Your agent will be there to discuss your options and help you find ways to save on your premium. Allstate also provides you with helpful information so you can better understand car insurance and rest easy knowing you're protected.

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Coverage Type
Arizona Requirements
Common Coverage Levels In Arizona
Bodily Injury Liability
Covers expenses related to the injury or death of another driver or a pedestrian when an accident is your fault.
$15,000 limit per person/ $30,000 limit per accident
$100,000 limit per person/$300,000 limit per accident
Property Damage Liability
Covers expenses related to the damage of another person's property—like vehicles, homes, buildings and other structures—when an accident is your fault.
$10,000 limit
$25,000 limit
Uninsured Motorist
Covers medical expenses if you're in an accident, the other driver is at fault and doesn't have any insurance.
Not required
$15,000 limit per person/$30,000 limit per accident
Underinsured Motorist
Covers medical expenses if you're in an accident, the other driver is at fault and doesn't have enough insurance.
Not required
Not commonly added
Medical Expenses
If you and/or your passengers are hurt in an accident, this can cover your medical or funeral expenses.
Not required
$5,000 limit
Covers expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that's been damaged in an accident.
Not required
$500 deductible
Covers expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that's been damaged in situations like thefts or storms.
Not required
$0 deductible

Ride-hailing? Allstate Ride For Hire® Can Help Protect You.

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If you're picking up paying passengers in your personal vehicle, you may have gaps in your auto coverage. For just $15-20 a year, you can add Allstate Ride for Hire to your current Allstate auto policy to help you fill these gaps and stay protected.

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An agent is ready to explain your coverage options so you can pick the coverage levels, limits and deductibles that make the most sense for you.

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State chart requirements provided for informational purposes only. State minimums and required coverages vary by state and may change from time to time. Check with your state for up-to-date information or if you have questions about current state minimums. Coverage limits and deductibles identified as "most common" in the chart above are the most popular limits and deductibles selected by Allstate policyholders in Arizona. All coverages are subject to policy terms, conditions and state availability.
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