Expect more from your car insurance.

With an auto policy from Allstate you don't just get great protection. You also get leading-edge tools, expert support from agents and benefits you won't find anywhere else. Allstate goes the extra mile to provide innovative yet simple solutions that help you with your specific needs. Take advantage of perks beyond quality insurance that help you live the good life, every day.

The Allstate agent advantage

Agents are at the core of Allstate—and by your side as you move through life. They understand you and your situation, answer your big questions and provide personalized insurance proposals for a customized policy recommendation based on your needs. Whether you're getting married, teaching your teen to drive, moving across the country or having your first baby, they help guide you through life's milestones.

Included benefits

  • Drivewise®

    Drivewise measures your good driving habits—like safe speeds and safe stops—and rewards you for being smart behind the wheel.
  • Allstate mobile app

    Take advantage of our mobile app features including adding auto ID cards to your mobile wallet and finding the cheapest gas near you.

Add-on benefits

  • Accident Forgiveness

    Even if it was your fault, an accident won't make your rates go up when you sign up for Accident Forgiveness.
  • Deductible Rewards®

    If you sign up, you'll get $100 off your deductible, plus $100 each year you're accident free—up to $500.
  • Safe Driving Bonus®

    Add this to your policy to get a bonus every six months you're accident free.
  • New car replacement

    If your new car is totaled, this addition allows Allstate to replace it—not just give you a check for the depreciated value.

More tools & services

  • Car Buying Service

    Get guaranteed savings¹, free TrueCar vehicle reports and access to a certified dealer network.
  • Allstate mobile app

    Enjoy instant access to your agent and digital ID cards, find low gas prices near you, snap photos for an auto claim and more.
  • Roadside assistance

    Help avoid bumps in the road with 24/7 roadside services, like flat fixes and jump-starts
  • Extended Vehicle Care²

    Want to avoid auto repair bills? Extended Vehicle Care pays for pricey repairs when your warranty ends. Plans as low as $19/mo.