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Vision Insurance from Allstate Benefits

Savings on eye care, glasses, contacts and more.

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About EyeMed Vision Insurance

Healthy vision is one of the greatest gifts that we have. And eye exams play an important role in overall wellness. While the costs of checkups, glasses and contacts can add up, vision insurance from EyeMed through Allstate Benefits can help reduce those expenses.

How Vision Insurance Works

EyeMed members pay affordable copays for exams, lenses, and frames including single vision, bifocal or trifocal lenses, as well as scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, progressive and tinting options. The cost of contact lenses is 100% covered up to the coverage allowance; costs in excess of the allowance may be able to be reduced through discounts. any excess cost is paid by the member. Additional savings may be available for items that are not covered by the plan network.

Features and benefits
  • Affordable copays for exams and corrective eyewear
  • Individual and family coverage
  • Discounts available for services/eyewear costs that exceed the coverage allowance
  • Access to leading retailers and network providers
  • Out-of-network coverage/rates available

Disclaimers and notes

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