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What Gen X employees are looking for in their workforce benefits

Younger generations such as Generation Z and Millennials collectively make up much of the American workforce today. Their wants and needs as employees often dominate industry headlines as they gain prominence with recruiters and employers.

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Meanwhile, members of the Baby Boomer generation are also making headlines by extending their careers well into traditional retirement years. In fact, 49% of Baby Boomers expect to—or already are—continuing to work past age 70.1 This creates an interesting dynamic between the younger generations and their elder counterparts.

But there is an often-overlooked group sandwiched between these generations that doesn't garner as many headlines: Generation X. These professionals (born between 1965 and 1980) still make up a sizeable portion of the workforce, and by 2028, they will outnumber Baby Boomers.2

A glimpse into Gen X benefit preferences

The wants and needs of these workers, many of whom are now senior leaders and executives, are not explored as often as the desires of their contemporaries. So, what do Gen Xers want from their employee benefits?

According to a recent LIMRA study, Gen X shows a strong interest in major medical coverage, a benefit that tends to increase in popularity as workers age. Compared to their colleagues, however, more members of this generation are seeking out dental and vision coverage. This may be due to their own dental and vision needs, but the reason may also be the increasing needs of their dependent children, who may be teens or young adults at this point.

The study also finds that more than half of Gen X workers are interested in group life insurance at work—just slightly less than their Millennial coworkers. The original "grunge generation" is also more focused on short-term disability coverage at this point in their lives when compared to other generations.

Which benefits workers want (by generation)3
Gen Z Millennials Gen X Baby Boomers
Medical Insurance 53% 70% 78% 79%
Dental Insurance 47%
60% 66% 64%
Vision Insurance 40% 49% 57% 57%
Life Insurance 46% 53% 51% 42%
Short-term Disability 27% 34% 39% 35%

When it comes to wellness, Gen Xers prioritize physical wellness benefits such as preventive exams, screenings, vaccinations. Also, similarly to other generations, these workers are looking for financial wellness resources from their employers.3

What are Gen Xers collectively less interested in? According to LIMRA, fewer Gen Xers are interested in pet insurance and societal programs through the workplace such as volunteering opportunities.3 Both categories are more popular among younger working generations.

As with all working generations, members of Gen X continue marching toward retirement age. The generation's oldest members turn 60 in 2025 and the youngest are nearing their mid-40s. Although they are known to be independent (55% of today's startup business founders are Gen Xers2), diverse, and flexible, Gen Xers are still seeking stability through their workplace, including an employer that prioritizes their changing wants and needs and provides them with the benefits they value.

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