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Three broker learning approaches at Allstate Benefits

The results are in! A recent study found that continuous training yielded 50% higher net sales per salesperson.1

Similar results are common thanks to technology, which helps to establish a self-directed learning model as the future of sales development by giving sales professionals more control over their learning.

At Allstate Benefits, we champion a culture of continuous learning to empower insurance agents and brokers through self-guided courses, live virtual classes and peer-to-peer collaboration. Using these blended techniques, we provide a comprehensive and engaging experience to help learners expand their network, get valuable insights from trainers and peers, and increase sales potential.

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Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning has been shown to increase sales quota attainment by 26%, according to LinkedIn.2 To help you take charge of your business and work efficiently, Allstate Benefits allows you to create a plan to develop your individual learning needs.

We offer three flexible options to help you acquire relevant information quickly in a way that works best for you.

1. Self-guided courses

On-demand e-learning courses give you the freedom to decide when and where you want to learn at your own pace. Allstate Benefits courses include interactive scenarios to provide practical details and product specifics that you can use to build customer loyalty.

2. Live virtual classes

Want to take a deep dive and learn from industry experts? Allstate Benefits offers virtual, instructor-led classes that explain product details and help you stay up to date on changes and improvements.

Our expert instructors are also dedicated to continuous learning, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the latest information from your Allstate Benefits trainer.

3. Peer-to-peer collaboration

Do you need to build your network and make more connections? Peer-to-peer collaboration not only brings people together, but it can also increase sales efficiency. One peer-to-peer program by ActivTrak helped boost sales efficiency by 25% within just three months.3

This approach emphasizes knowledge transfer, leveraging expertise and experiences from everyone. Peer-to-peer collaboration not only enhances individual development, but also strengthens team dynamics and promotes a sense of camaraderie.

By combining these three key learning approaches, Allstate Benefits provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. This approach empowers you to achieve your full potential while delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Self-directed learning with Allstate Benefits

Through our comprehensive training platform, AB Edge, agents and brokers have access to the following perks.

  • Personalized dashboard that lets you learn about new opportunities while tracking your goals and progress
  • Full library of courses on our products, services, processes and systems
  • Instruction delivered in multiple formats to suit your schedule and preferences
  • Constantly updated learning catalog
  • Live support and "Show Me" functionality to help you find exactly what you're looking for

The AB Edge platform is available exclusively to agents and brokers who are appointed with Allstate Benefits.

Get appointed and start your learning journey today!

In addition to our dynamic and empowering learning opportunities, we provide agents and brokers with a competitive commission structure and a wide variety of resources and support. We offer access to a 24/7 broker portal as well as a full library of digital and print collateral.

Plus, Allstate Benefits makes it easy to get appointed! Visit the Get appointed with Allstate Benefits page and a representative will be in touch. Once appointed, you will receive a complete onboarding packet, access to our 24/7 broker portal, and access to AB Edge to get started on your learning journey.

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