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The Good Hands® Health Care Journey: Accidental Injuries

Our latest Group Accident Insurance presents a new approach to helping families live their lives well protected

Voluntary Benefits Help Protect Employees' Finances

If you are new to voluntary group insurance, the coverage works like this: Employers offer voluntary insurance as an optional employee benefit, along with their core health care plan. Employees can choose coverage during annual enrollment, as a new hire, or for qualifying life events like marriage. Associates may elect coverage for themselves and their eligible family members to suit their needs and budget. Premiums are relatively low because the coverage is offered to a large percentage of a company's workforce (hence the term "group insurance").

Those covered by voluntary plans can receive direct payments when they are diagnosed with certain medical conditions, experience an accidental injury or a hospital stay depending on the type of coverage elected. For more about voluntary insurance check out our blog, How Supplemental Insurance Helps Employers and Employees.

Group Accident Insurance from Allstate Benefits can pay claims at various stages of one's health care journey.* Let's look at how one person's health care experience might unfold.

Man sitting in a wheelchair with a leg cast, looking at his laptop.

Damon's Health Care Journey

Damon is in a severe auto accident and is taken by ambulance to the hospital. He is unconscious and admitted into the Intensive Care Unit, where he remains in a coma for three days. Damon awakens and his wife, Melissa, explains to him that he suffered injuries from an auto accident, including a broken femur, and has just come out of a coma.

Following an assessment by his doctors, Damon is transferred to the Step-Down Nursing Unit where receives less intense monitoring. After a few days, Damon is moved to a general inpatient room and is prepped by his nurses for release.

Once home, Melissa reminds him that she elected family coverage for Group Accident Insurance from Allstate Benefits through her job. She shows Damon their online coverage certificate and they're both surprised at all the benefits the coverage provides. Damon receives his first hospital invoice. He submits his claim online at MyBenefits and receives his claim payment via direct deposit to his bank account. His payment includes benefits for:

  • Medical Transportation (ambulance)
  • Coma with Respiratory Assistance
  • First Day Hospitalization
  • Intensive Care Unit Hospitalization
  • Step Down Unit Hospitalization
  • Daily Hospitalization
  • Medication
  • Medical Supplies (wheelchair)
  • Surgery (broken bone repair)

Damon's coverage has provided benefits at each stage of his health care journey, from the initial ambulance ride through the ICU, to the wheelchair he needed to return home. While they can spend their benefit payment on anything they want, Damon and Melissa use the funds to help offset deductible, coinsurance and co-payment expenses.

Ongoing Treatment and Care

The extent of Damon's leg injury will confine him to a wheelchair for five to six months. Reading their Group Accident Insurance coverage and benefits, Melissa notices the benefit for Residence/Vehicle Modification. They have a ramp installed at their front door so Damon can enter and exit the house more easily. Damon and Melissa file another claim and receive a benefit payment for the ramp. Damon's health care journey continues and his coverage is right there, supporting him as he recovers.

After a few weeks of in-home care and healing, he begins physical therapy for his leg injury. He attends multiple sessions each week. A few months later, Damon has regained strength and is on a path to living a normal life again. The couple files a third claim for Damon's physical therapy. They receive another benefit payment and after months of treatment, Damon's health care journey comes to a close.

Our Good Hands® Promise

Every person's health care needs are unique. The flexibility of our Group Accident Insurance can provide protection that follows an individual's health care journey, from initial patient contact through recovery. Coverage with a tailored approach helps to protect the diverse needs of the millions of families that we serve. And it's a part of the Good Hands® promise that Allstate Benefits delivers every day.

Contact an agent today to learn more about employee benefits package options or for a quote.

*Coverage is subject to state availability. All exclusions and limitations apply to any coverage issued.

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