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Health Care is Just a Tap Away

Telemedicine saw a major boost in usage that started in 2020 and is still being used through today.

According to a study1 by FAIR Health, from 2019 to 2020 telemedicine services saw a 7,000% increase in usage. Although that usage tapered off as in-office visits resumed, telemedicine still has much higher usage than before the pandemic. Telemedicine accounts for 8% of health care visits.2

The most common conditions telemedicine is used for is mental health.

It's safe to say telemedicine has secured its spot as a reliable and affordable option for health care.

Father taking temperature of baby while on the phone.

Why add telemedicine to your benefits plan?

Telemedicine is a cost-effective and convenient way for members to access care. All visits are virtual, which means employees can see a provider anytime and anywhere for most visits. No more sitting in crowded waiting rooms, waiting for available appointments for days on end, or having to take off work to accommodate physician's office hours.

Employees can get care on their terms and get back to work quickly, while saving big on their visit. Not only can they save, but choosing a lower-cost option like telemedicine can help business owners save on their health care costs.

Most group health plans through Allstate Benefits offer access to telemedicine services through Walmart Health Virtual Care.

What plan members get with Walmart Health Virtual Care:

  • Walmart Health Virtual Care Urgent Care offers U.S. board-certified doctors and medical providers that are available 24/7/365 to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication (when medically necessary) for many minor illnesses and injuries such as colds, flu, sore throat, or allergies via phone or online video visits.
  • Walmart Health Virtual Care Talk Therapy offers licensed therapists that can help with a wide range of mental and emotional health needs for members 18 and older. Members receive ongoing support, on their schedule, from the comfort and privacy of their own home via phone or online video visits in as little as 48 hours.
  • Urgent care providers can send electronic prescriptions to the member's pharmacy of choice.3
  • A Spanish-language portal removes barriers for Spanish-speaking employees.

When to use telemedicine

By adding a telemedicine service to benefit plans, plan members have access to even more options for care.

Physical Health

Many doctor, urgent care, and emergency room visits can be handled with a virtual visit at a fraction of the cost. Telemedicine services are not meant to replace primary care; however, virtual urgent care is a convenient and more affordable way to treat minor illnesses and injuries.

Virtual Urgent Care infographic.

Mental Health

Now more than ever workplaces need to focus on the mental health of their employees. The repercussions of declining mental health in employees can negatively impact workplace culture, slow down productivity, and lead to higher medical costs.

Virtual Talk Therapy infographic.

How it works

Virtual Urgent Care

  1. Members log on to Walmart Health Virtual Care to request a visit using their unique URL for Allstate Benefits.
  2. First-time patients are connected with a care coordinator for a quick intake and to ensure the video connection is working, if requested or required.
  3. Then, they meet with a medical provider who assesses their symptoms, recommends treatment, and e-prescribes any needed medications.

Talk Therapy

  1. Members log on to Walmart Health Virtual Care to request a visit using their unique URL for Allstate Benefits.
  2. For behavioral health issues, patients can request and schedule a visit using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  3. Then, they meet with a behavioral health provider by phone or video.

Employers can add telemedicine services to most group health plan options through Allstate Benefits. When building a group benefits package, telemedicine is a great perk that helps employees receive the care they need, when they need it.

Call your Allstate Benefits – Group Health sales consultant at 877-225-5077 to learn more.




3. Walmart Health Virtual Care (formerly known as MeMD®) offers medical consultations, behavioral health counseling, and talk therapy services via telemedicine to patients nationwide. Services are provided in accordance with state law by physicians, nurse practitioners, and other licensed professionals. When medically necessary, Walmart Health Virtual Care providers may prescribe medication that patients can pick up at a local pharmacy. Virtual Urgent Care visits are not a replacement for a primary care physician or annual physical exam.

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