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New Accident Benefits and More Plan
Flexibility from Allstate Benefits

Flexibility is a hallmark of the Allstate Benefits portfolio of products. It provides employers with more choices and reassures employees that they are better protected against life's unknowns.

And now, our new Group Accident Insurance product has become our most flexible product of all.

Like traditional Accident Insurance, our new coverage includes benefits to help people bounce back from an injury through medical treatment and follow-up services. But our new protection is fully customizable, with expanded benefits for therapies, diagnostic testing, pain management and much more.

"Giving employers more choices to customize and scale up their Accident policy helps them support the specific wants and needs of their workforce," said Chris Mirisola, Product Manager with Allstate Benefits. "This truly sets our Accident product apart in the market."

Read on to learn more about these enhancements.

Man with a cast on his leg talking with a doctor.

Plans Are Customizable Based on Employer Preferences

From injury to treatment to recovery, employers can select the best options for their group. Coverage options are organized into five benefit areas: Accident Facility Care, Accident Injuries, Accident Treatment and Urgent Care, Treatment Support and Recovery, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

If an employer wants to change coverage amounts in only one of these five areas, they can do that without altering the cost of coverage for the other benefit areas. We also added new benefits that are flexible to the target areas above, including organized sports and auto accidents.

New and Enhanced Benefits

Not only are plan designs more customizable, but we also have new and enhanced benefits, which include the following.

  • We now provide coverage for more therapy treatments, including cognitive, behavioral, vocational and respiratory therapies. Additionally, there is an option to include coverage for alternative therapies like acupuncture and biofeedback. In fact, Allstate Benefits now covers the most therapies in the supplemental insurance market!
  • Certain injuries resulting from participation in organized sports are now included as a coverage option.
  • We have added coverage for "step-down" intensive care unit confinement, which is the intermediate area between intensive care units and general medical wards.

Additional coverage enhancements include an expanded benefit for certain dislocations and fractures, expanded coverage for injuries resulting from auto accidents, new benefits for certain puncture and gunshot wounds, and new benefits that pay if a health care worker receives treatment at their facility of employment.

How Our New Accident Product Works

An employer selects the new Accident Insurance and customizes the certificate and rider options for their employees. At open enrollment, employees select the plan and choose the family members they want to cover. If a covered person suffers an accidental injury, a claim can be filed. Once approved, a benefit is paid for all eligible services and treatment.

Here is a hypothetical example of the product in action.* Laura, her husband, and their two teenage kids lead active lifestyles. Looking to add extra security in case of an accidental injury, Laura enrolled herself and her family in Accident Insurance with the Dislocation and Fracture Rider through her employer.

It's a good thing she did! One afternoon, Laura's son Michael was rock climbing with friends when he fell and fractured his leg.

Michael was taken to the emergency room, treated and released to recover at home. His medical expenses came to nearly $12,000.1 While Laura's major medical insurance covered most of the cost, she was left to pay for the health plan deductible and coinsurance out of pocket, which totaled in the thousands of dollars.

Laura reviewed her Accident Insurance coverage and submitted a claim, which included benefits for X-ray, general anesthesia, medical equipment, treatment costs and more. Her claim payment was deposited directly into her bank account and she was able to cover all out-of-pocket expenses. Laura even had some leftover cash, which she used to help Michael pursue a different (and less risky) activity: guitar lessons!

New Accident Insurance from Allstate Benefits

With more benefits and better plan flexibility, our new Accident Insurance provides customers with our most comprehensive accident coverage ever. Insureds also enjoy affordable group rates and convenient payroll deduction. Availability may vary by state.

Contact an agent today to learn more about employee benefits package options for Accident Insurance or click here for a quote.


* Individual experience may vary based on circumstances.

1 2022 (data for femur fracture treatment in the US zip code 32224)

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