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How to support employees who are caregivers

As employers find ways to meet the needs of their employees and offer the best benefits, it's important to consider caregiving situations. According to the 2023 BEAT Study: Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker by LIMRA, 33% of employees rated caregiving as an important benefit, regardless of whether this benefit was currently being offered to them.1 Whether employees are caring for dependents under the age of 18 or aging parents or relatives, their ability to protect and care for their family impacts them and their work in many ways.

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What is caregiving?

Caregivers serve a precious and crucial role for their loved ones. They could be parents or guardians raising their children, or they could be relatives, partners, friends, or neighbors who provide care for an older adult with a serious health condition. Without the aid of these caregivers, dependent loved ones may not receive the proper emotional, physical, mental, financial, and social support they need in their day-to-day lives.

For caregivers who support elderly loved ones, they may be faced with additional challenges and difficulties if their loved ones' health is declining.

How are employees impacted by their responsibilities as caregivers?

In the United States, there are at least 53 million people who serve as family caregivers.2 More than half of family caregivers work full-time or part-time jobs in addition to the often-unpaid work they do to care for a loved one.3

Employees who balance work and care often experience disruptive challenges that impact their employment in the following ways:3

  • Miss work to attend health care appointments or assist with medical emergencies
  • Unable to assume additional work responsibilities
  • Accept fewer hours and lower wages
  • Face physical, emotional and financial stress, which can lead to absences and negatively affect work performance
  • Leave their job because their care responsibilities are too demanding and the job doesn't offer enough flexibility
  • Decline promotions and opportunities to advance their career due to their care workload

How employers can offer caregiving support

When employers support employees in their caregiving role, this can boost employee loyalty, keep employees engaged and productive, and reduce health care costs. Action steps can include:

  • Integrate this workplace identity into the conversation. Coordinate an employee group dedicated to caregivers in different scenarios—such as caring for children or elderly loved ones. Members of this group will be able to help each other by asking questions and sharing ideas. You can also offer educational workshops and expert webinars to help working caregivers, peers, and their managers better understand this subject matter.
  • Provide counseling and support services. Offer programs and resources dedicated to caregivers, such as referrals to screened caregivers, counseling to reduce stress, special funds for emergency backup care, and access to complimentary tutoring for K-12 students.
  • Evaluate leave and flex time policies, and explore flexible work arrangements. Collect data and review current policies and work arrangement options to determine gaps and limitations. Design and present the best opportunities so that employees understand what is available, feel safe to request special arrangements, and have confidence in their workplace caregiving support.

How Allstate Benefits can help

We all need a pal sometimes. That's why Allstate Benefits partners with Papa to offer flexible family care benefits to employees and their loved ones. Papa delivers real human help right to an employee's front door via its curated national network of Papa Pals, compassionate individuals who bring companionship and provide assistance with everyday tasks.

Trained and highly vetted Papa Pals can provide support in the following ways*:

  • Assistance with homework, snacks, meals and playtime
  • Help with errands, light housework, or caring for pets (which may include taking the pets on a walk or refilling food or water)
  • Companionship, transportation, and support for aging or ill loved ones near and far

This partnership with Papa provides a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, enhanced well-being, and support for a changing workforce. When an employee enrolls in an Allstate Benefits voluntary insurance product or a group health plan** through their employer, they receive access to up to 10 hours of help from a Papa Pal during the first year of coverage. If they need more time, they can purchase hours directly through Papa. Contact an Allstate Benefits Representative to learn more.

*Papa Pals undergo background checks and motor vehicle record searches in all states for individuals conducting transportation visits. They support families with children aged three and up; the parent or guardian must be present. Papa Pals do not assist with daily living activities or provide medical care. Visit the "Ask Us Anything" section at for Papa's safety policies, Community Standards, and visit regulations.
**Papa services will be included with new and renewing Secure Choice plans with effective dates of January 1, 2024, and later.

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