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How the American Cancer Society helps those in need today

"Thanks in part to our contributions, 3.8 million cancer deaths have been averted in the US since 1991, when cancer death rates were at their peak."1

- American Cancer Society

When it comes to cancer, the American Cancer Society makes huge strides to promote prevention and progress toward a cure. This includes investing in research (more than $5 billion spent on research since 1946), clinical trials and cancer education. These contributions have helped to save about 3.8 million lives since 1991.1

But for those living with cancer today, as well as their loved ones and caregivers, the American Cancer Society is also there to provide tools, resources, and most importantly, support. Here are some ways the American Cancer Society is there to help from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

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After diagnosis

No one should have to face a cancer diagnosis alone. This is the first message that the American Cancer Society has for the nearly two million Americans diagnosed with cancer every year.1

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, the American Cancer Society is there to provide immediate assistance to help them understand their illness and their path forward. In addition to online guides, the American Cancer Society also provides a toll-free helpline and video chat feature to anyone in need, even if they are just looking for a caring ear.

Here are just some of the resources provided by the American Cancer Society for those beginning their cancer journey.

Cancer Resources for Those Who Are Newly Diagnosed

During treatment

Personal Health Manager - Helping cancer patients navigate treatment is a top focus for the American Cancer Society. To aid in this process, the American Cancer Society provides access to a downloadable Personal Health Manager, a personalized guide that is based on the type of cancer and includes help to manage side effects and organize appointments and medical records.

Wigs and prostheses - For those who may need wigs or prostheses during treatment, the American Cancer Society offers "tlc" (tender loving care), a website with nine different wig collections, headwear, mastectomy products, and more. Visit the tlc shop by clicking here.

Transportation - Getting to and staying near treatment can be a challenge for many cancer patients. The Road To Recovery® program from the American Cancer Society offers free rides to and from cancer-related medical appointments. Rides must be scheduled ahead of time, and some requirements apply. For example, if the patient needs help walking, a caregiver will need to ride along. Learn more about the Road To Recovery program by clicking here.

Lodging - Treatment often requires patients to travel away from home, which can be taxing emotionally and financially. To help ease this burden, the American Cancer Society has more than 30 Hope Lodge® communities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico to offer a home away from home for those in need.

According to the American Cancer Society, this program provides more than 29,000 cancer patients and caregivers with a free stay each year, which collectively saves them more than $55 million in lodging costs.2 Learn more about Hope Lodge by clicking here.

Healthy living - Life does not stop for cancer, and those living with cancer should focus on continuing to live life to the fullest—and to the healthiest. The American Cancer Society offers plenty of resources to help those living with cancer to manage their health amid treatment, no matter what form that takes.

American Cancer Society: Coping and Living Well During Cancer Treatment
Physical Health Nutrition for People with Cancer
Physical Activity and the Person with Cancer
Mental Health Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation
Adjusting to Life with Cancer
Social Health Cancer Survivors Network*
Reach To Recovery® (breast cancer support)

*The American Cancer Society defines a cancer survivor as "anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer no matter where they are in the course of their disease."1 This means that anyone can take full advantage of the Cancer Survivors Network from the first day of their diagnosis.

American Cancer Society and Allstate Benefits

Allstate Benefits proudly partners with the American Cancer Society to offer resources and support with a shared vision to end cancer for everyone. Our Partners page features multiple resources, including links to American Cancer Society tools and information. Click here to see our Partners page.

We also offer group voluntary insurance options that can help enrolled employees cover some of the costs associated with cancer.

  • Cancer Insurance from Allstate Benefits offers protection for the treatment of cancer and 29 specified diseases. Coverage pays a cash benefit to help cover the out-of-pocket costs associated with cancer treatments.
  • Critical Illness Insurance from Allstate Benefits includes coverage that can help pay for some of the costs associated with some forms of cancer.

In addition to receiving cash benefits, customers who are diagnosed with cancer also receive a personal letter of support from our company president and a copy of "Chicken Soup for the Soul®: The Cancer Book" by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and David Tabatsky.

Click here to find a sales representative and learn more about our group voluntary insurance options.

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