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How Enrollment Technology Can Drive Participation

It's no secret: Some employees find their benefit options confusing. The less educated an employee feels about insurance products, the less empowered they are to fully participate in the enrollment process and maximize their benefits. According to the 2023 BEAT Study: Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker by LIMRA, 23% of people understand their insurance benefits "slightly well" and 13% "not well at all."1

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Employers who offer and effectively communicate high-quality benefits have an opportunity to boost employee retention since 39% of employees say they are much more inclined to stay in a job due to their benefits packages.1 Modern enrollment technology is often an overlooked factor in helping employees understand the benefits available to them. However, it is a key instrument in driving employee participation and bringing them up to speed on benefit offerings.

When employers find a strong benefits administration technology platform to partner with, it can improve the overall benefits experience for employees. By presenting available election options, making complex information more digestible, simplifying the enrollment process, and effectively communicating to employees, the right enrollment technology solution will provide a seamless path for employees to fully engage with their benefits.

Although enrollment technology cannot replace in-person or live meetings, it can enhance an employer's benefits strategy by offering an additional channel for employees to access benefits. Below are three reasons why enrollment technology is a good choice for driving participation:

1) Makes enrollment easier.

Before the increase in benefits administration technology options, employees had to complete a lot of paperwork and schedule meetings with their HR department to enroll and make any changes due to a qualifying life event. Now employees have more control and greater access to their benefits options during open enrollment and throughout the year.

When it's time to enroll in benefits, they can do it on their schedule with 24/7 access, and they can utilize smart technology that helps them make the best choices for their personal physical, mental, emotional and financial health journey. Available supportive features often include decision-making tools, the ability to look at previous medical expenses and claims, a virtual benefits assistant, and a personalized digital hub.

2) Amplifies education and communication.

Customized communications tools like digital postcards, email blasts, videos, mobile apps, online portals, webinars and text messages can educate employees about their benefits and remind them to enroll. Over 70% of employees associate a higher number of educational resources with good communication about their benefits from their employer as well as a better understanding of their benefits.1

While benefits communications are helpful when making decisions during open enrollment, they are also useful throughout the year as information on plans and new programs is communicated.

3) Builds confidence.

Simplified enrollment strategies and engaging communications empower employees to select the best benefits. Enrollment technology provides a sense of ownership for employees as they leverage the various features to make their selections and manage their benefits.

With the help of resources like visual aids and personalized cost scenarios, employees can ask questions confidentially and plan for one of the most important annual financial decisions they will make. When employees enroll in benefits, they feel protected. The more benefits they enroll in, the more confident they feel.1

Enrollment technology is here to stay. As more businesses make the shift to virtual platforms and self-service enrollments, fewer executives consider it a "major obstacle to their business."2 When employers partner with the best digital platform that can address their enrollment challenges and create a plan to fit their needs, employee benefit participation and satisfaction increases.

Enrollment Solutions from Allstate Benefits

Allstate Benefits offers a broad portfolio of enrollment solutions with the flexibility to meet every employer's needs. Based on their size and existing technology, employers can select the enrollment channel that's the best fit for them. Whatever the choice, our dedicated team ensures a smooth end-to-end enrollment process.

Contact an Allstate Benefits Representative to learn more about the platforms that are available to you.

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