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How Allstate Benefits Helps Employees Achieve Their Resolutions

Most of us resolve to make big changes in our lives at certain points, whether to kick off a new year or mark a milestone birthday. Whether we want to create a new habit, break an old one or just make some tweaks, resolutions tend to center on improving our health.

In fact, research shows that the most popular New Year's resolutions for 2023 included exercising more, eating healthier and losing weight. Spending more time with loved ones and improving financial well-being were also popular personal goals for 2023.1

Unfortunately, most resolutions tend to fail within a couple months.

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Why do resolutions fail?

It's difficult to know exactly what percentage of resolutions fail, but most of us can look back at our trail of failed attempts to put the estimate at nearly 100%. Why do so many of our resolutions fail? There are many potential reasons—our goals may be unrealistic, or we lack a concrete plan for success. But one can argue that the top reason for resolution failure is a lack of motivation.

Experts recommend planning rewards at certain milestones toward your goal to stay motivated. If employees have supplemental insurance coverage from Allstate Benefits, they may have some built-in rewards coming their way!

We offer a variety of wellness and preventive care riders designed to help give employees the motivation they need to follow through.

How Allstate Benefits can help

Depending on the supplemental coverage selected, employers may choose to offer optional riders that provide a benefit to covered employees to help cover costs associated with getting and staying healthy.

Here are some resolutions that eligible employees may pursue with the help of our optional riders.*

  • Quit tobacco or alcohol – Depending on the Critical Illness Insurance coverage chosen, we offer an optional rider that provides a benefit if a covered person completes an eligible tobacco or alcohol cessation program (8 weeks or longer).
  • Lose weight or exercise more – This optional rider also provides a benefit if a covered person completes an eligible weight loss program or group walking challenge (12 weeks or longer), or participates in a timed endurance event, such as a 5k race.
  • Improve overall health – Allstate Benefits provides a variety of optional riders that pay a benefit when an enrolled employee completes a covered preventive care screening, including a blood test or biopsy, colonoscopy, mammography, lipid panel for total cholesterol, or one of many other eligible exams or immunizations.
  • Save money – Depending on the Critical Illness Insurance coverage and rider chosen, employees who complete an eligible financial wellness program could receive a benefit.

Tips for resolution success

With help from the coverage by Allstate Benefits, employees can improve their chances of achieving their resolutions or goals by following these simple guidelines.

  • Make your goal S.M.A.R.T., meaning it should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.
  • Write down a plan to make your goal concrete and to create accountability. Many people find it less overwhelming to break the goal into small milestones.
  • Make new and different goals than you have in previous years. Many of us resolve to lose weight year after year only to give up after a few weeks or months. By shifting to a related goal, such as reducing calorie intake or walking 30 minutes each day, your old goal of losing weight will happen naturally.
  • Be patient during the process. Most things that are worth doing are challenging. Otherwise, we wouldn't need to make resolutions! Accept that the goal will be challenging and success will feel even better.

Contact an agent to learn more about our employee benefits package options for our supplemental products, including Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Insurance and Cancer Insurance.

*Restrictions and limitations may apply.

1Statista Global Consumer Survey, Oct. 25-Nov. 2, 2022

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