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Creating a Health-Conscious Company Culture Can Help Businesses Thrive

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, maintaining a healthier workforce can lead to lower insurance costs and can help reduce costs related to absenteeism and productivity.

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Workplace health comes first

Creating a health-conscious work culture is the first step to getting employees engaged in their health care.

Below are some examples from the CDC of workplace health program tools and strategies.

  • Start health education classes.
  • Provide access to local gyms or fitness classes.
  • Implement company policies that promote healthy behaviors. For example, a tobacco-free campus policy.
  • When building an employee benefit package, include a group health plan that covers regular preventive screenings.
  • Incorporate wellness programs that promote overall health.

The impact of workplace health programs

Workplace health programs can help improve both individual health and the organization as a whole.

For individuals, these programs can impact an employee's health such as helping to mitigate risk behaviors, seek preventive screenings and care, and learn more about the current state of their health.

When an organization prioritizes the health of its employees it can improve recruitment and retention, help productivity, reduce absences, and build up employee morale.

When you create a health-conscious company culture. Not only do the business and employees benefit, but families, friends, and the community feel the impact.

How the Self-Funded Program with Allstate Benefits can help create a health-conscious company culture

Allstate Benefits is a leading provider of employee benefits. We offer group health products for employers with 2 to 500 employees that prioritize employee wellness and access to care.

The Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Program offers plan members:

  • Preventive care benefits
    Preventive care coverage in all Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Programs aligns with Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • Access to care
    Employers get to choose the provider network for their group's health plan. Our program offers employees access to national and local networks such as the Aetna® Signature Administrators PPO Network, Cigna PPO Network, Cigna OAP Network, Cigna LocalPlus® Network, and more.

    Allstate Benefits also offers reference-based pricing plans. The plan determines benefits based on a multiple of the Medicare reimbursement rate (or another derived equivalent). It doesn't use a network so members can see any provider that accepts the plan.
  • Walmart Health Virtual Care telemedicine services
    Walmart Health Virtual Care (formerly known as MeMD®) offers members access to virtual Urgent Care for minor illnesses and injuries and virtual Talk Therapy (Ages 18+) for mental health counseling services.
  • A wellness program through Vitality®
    This unique program can help keep employees healthier, while enhancing and protecting their lives. When you do healthy right, you save big on a business' health care costs.

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