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Three Supplemental Benefits That Attract
Younger Workers

Young employees introduce fresh ideas, up-to-date knowledge and a willingness to embrace new technologies and processes. Younger workers also have new expectations from employers not seen in previous generations.

From paid time off and generous leave policies to a focus on work-life balance and wellness programs, these new workers often seek out perks and incentives from employers. This includes all types of benefits, which younger workers view as a top priority.

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According to a recent LIMRA study on employee attitudes, "Gen Z and Millennial employees are more likely to consider spending extra money on more than one benefit and, in particular, are more open to spending on medical, life, dental, paid family leave, vision, and pet insurance plans."1

By offering a comprehensive supplemental benefits package, employers can create a culture focused on employee well-being. This may help to attract new talent and keep young workers happy and fulfilled.

Here are a few benefits that employers can offer to stand out to young job seekers.

Accident Insurance

Young people are known to take more physical risks, which is when big and expensive accidents happen. By offering Group Accident Insurance, employers can help these workers to prepare for accidental injuries that aren't fully covered by major health insurance.

Depending on the coverage and riders selected by the employer, Accident Insurance may help to cover fractured and dislocated bones, burns, brain injuries, paralysis, surgeries, anesthesia, rehabilitation, and more.

Learn about Accident Insurance from Allstate Benefits.

Critical Illness Insurance

Unfortunately, critical illness does not discriminate based on age. Illnesses can affect anyone, even young people. By offering Critical Illness Insurance with a selection of riders, employers can help younger workers better prepare themselves for unexpected events like heart attacks, cancer diagnoses, and major organ transplants.

Our generous wellness benefits are perhaps the best features of Critical Illness Insurance for younger workers. These added coverage options pay employees to stay healthy!

Wellness benefits may include coverage for certain cancer screenings and biopsies, blood tests, dental exams, eye exams, immunizations, and more. Treatment benefits can also be included to help pay employees when confined for treatment due to mental and nervous disorders or even substance abuse.

Learn about Critical Illness Insurance from Allstate Benefits.

Identity Protection

Regardless of age, employees can never be fully immune to online threats like data breaches, phishing attacks, social media scams and credit card skimming. The more time people spend online, the more vulnerable they become.

For young people who bank online, shop online and even date online, it can be all too easy to become a victim of cybercrime. With identity protection, employees are better protected against these threats. And if a breach occurs, their coverage works to help them restore their identity faster and minimize the disruption to their life.

Learn about Identity Protection from Allstate Benefits.


1 2022 Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker (BEAT), LIMRA

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