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Benefits of Vision Coverage

You may already know there are plans that provide members with benefits that cover vision care expenses.

With Allstate Benefits, members can add on vision coverage to Self-Funded Program.

Why is this important?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 90 million U.S. adults are at high risk for serious vision loss. The annual economic impact of major vision problems among Americans over age 40 exceeds $145 billion.1

But did you know that vision plans cover routine preventive care and provide other benefits depending on the plan type. This coverage may help encourage plan members to keep up with their vision health so they can feel their best.

Woman with glasses.

Vision: Keeping It Clear

Vision issues make it challenging for employees to get work done. Blurriness makes it difficult to complete daily tasks and eyestrain can lead to headaches, burning, itching, back and neck soreness, and light sensitivity. All of those symptoms can lead to a reduction in concentration and quality of work.

Vision problems infographic.

Routine eye exams are especially important in some professions. Many jobs require employees to look at screens throughout their workday, which can increase eyestrain. Many trade careers require employees to wear protective eyewear and take precise measurements, which may be challenging without proper and routine eyecare.

Including vision coverage in an employee benefits package can, like dental, encourage employees to go to their annual eye exam. Healthy eyes can lead to a more productive and comfortable daily routine.

Why add vision to your package?

National and state data show that more than half of adult Americans who did not seek eye care did not do so because of lack of awareness or costs. Which often was exacerbated by lack of adequate health insurance.1

Adding vision coverage not only helps attract and retain talent, but it also helps encourage routine care.

Allstate Benefits options for vision

Whether you select our Self-Funded Program with dental and vision coverage or any of our supplemental vision options, Allstate Benefits offers a vision product to fit your needs.

Add vision to create a complete benefits package for your employees.

In the end, keeping the workforce healthy is a priority and adding vision coverage can help with just that.



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