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Become a Workplace Benefits Champion for Your Employees

Chances are you're already halfway there

More Benefits Equal Happy Employees

The first step in becoming a workplace benefits champion for your employees is to offer basic health care options to your team. If you do, you're halfway there! The next step is to expand your employee benefits portfolio to include some non-traditional benefit options. When you increase the number of benefits available through work, that's great news not only for your champion status, but also for your employees, and ultimately for your enterprise.

According to an annual study by the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), which measures employee attitudes toward work and workplace benefits, satisfaction increases when employees are offered a greater number of benefits.1

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The Supplemental Benefits Advantage

Supplemental benefits are affordable and valuable options that enhance your workplace perks. Let's have a look at how supplemental benefits help your employees and your business.

For Employers

  • Benefits can be 100% employee-paid
  • No effect on your bottom line
  • Helps to round out your benefits offering
  • Helps you recruit and retain top talent
  • Can help boost productivity in the workplace

For Employees

  • Benefits are paid directly to the covered person to use as they wish
  • Affordable group rates only available through the workplace
  • Individual and family coverage available
  • Works alongside any other medical coverage that the employee may have in place

Here's a snapshot of employee benefits that can help your associates and their families live their lives well protected.

Supplemental Employee Benefits at a Glance

Accident Insurance – pays a benefit to covered persons when they have eligible medical treatment, hospital stays or medical transportation as a result of a covered accident.

Critical Illness Insurance – pays benefits for covered critical illness diagnoses such as heart attack, stroke, some cancers and more. This coverage can include an annual Wellness benefit that pays covered persons to stay healthy.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance – helps pay for hospital stays due to injury or illness.

Life Insurance – pays a benefit due to the passing of a covered individual and can build cash value that can be borrowed against.

Disability Insurance – provides income replacement benefits when a covered person is unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Evolving Benefits for Today's Workforce

The supplemental benefits listed above have been available for decades; however, some coverage options, like critical illness and hospital indemnity insurance, are evolving to address newly recognized well-being needs. Benefits for conditions like substance abuse or mental and nervous disorders are becoming more common. Plus, some coverage options have become more flexible, allowing you to design plans that are best suited for your team.

In recent years, workplace benefits have grown to include more options and payable benefits such as:

  • Legal coverage
  • Identity protection
  • Short-term medical insurance
  • Concierge medical assistance programs
  • Smoking cessation
  • Lifestyle improvement programs
  • Financial guidance
  • Gym memberships and more

Now the most creative step awaits: helping your team understand the value and affordability of their workplace benefits. For tips on increasing employee education and engagement, check out this guide.

Boost Your Champion Status

Allstate Benefits offers many employee benefits that you can incorporate into your compensation packages. Take the next step in becoming a workplace benefits champion for your team. Your employees and your business will thank you for it.

Allstate Benefits. Are you in good hands?®

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12022 BEAT (Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker) Study, LIMRA

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