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Allstate Benefits & National General: Doing More for Employers

Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Macaroni and cheese. Bert and Ernie. Great pairs are always stronger together, uniting to become greater than the sum of their parts. When Allstate acquired National General in 2021, another great pair came together, joining products to offer employers an even broader suite of coverage solutions for their employees.

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Prior to its acquisition by Allstate, National General was a publicly traded company with more than 25 market-facing brands in its portfolio. And one of those brands, National General Benefit Solutions (NGBS), offered products that were a perfect complement to the supplemental insurance products offered by Allstate Benefits.

Today, both sets of products are offered under the Allstate Benefits brand. Here are answers to some common questions about our new portfolio of products.

How do NGBS products fit in with Allstate Benefits products?

Allstate Benefits is known for group supplemental products offered through employers of all sizes. This includes accident, critical illness, cancer, disability, hospital indemnity and life insurance, as well as ancillary products, like Allstate Identity Protection and vision, dental and legal insurance.

NGBS brought to Allstate Benefits its signature Self-Funded Program. NGBS provides small- and mid-sized business owners with options for affordable group health benefits that best fit their business' needs. Together, our group products provide an affordable suite of competitive offerings, designed to help cover costs for routine health care, injuries, illnesses, and more.

Because our group supplemental and group health products complement each other, employers win out with a one-stop benefits solution that helps them control costs and attract top talent.

How does our group Self-Funded Program work?

Our Self-Funded Program is designed as an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance plans. With this program, an employer chooses from a broad set of flexible health coverage features for employees. Our Self-Funded Program options include a level-funded option for all small and mid-sized businesses as well as a traditionally funded option for mid-sized employers.

The level-funded option includes:

  • A claims account that is used to pay employees' claims
  • Stop-loss insurance to protect employer assets if claims are higher than expected
  • Day-to-day administration of the program, including claims handling and customer service

Best of all, if claims are lower than expected, employers may get a refund for the difference at year-end.1 In fact, more than half of employers see a refund!2 Employers love its flexible plan design options, access to national PPO networks, and excellent member services.

National General previously offered individual supplemental insurance products. Are they part of Allstate Benefits now, too?

National General Accident & Health is another one of the National General brands now owned by Allstate Benefits, though it continues to be marketed under the National General name. Its individual accident, critical illness, and dental insurance is offered directly to consumers through a network of independent agents. Allstate agents can offer these products to customers with the help of their Allstate Benefits Field Benefit Leader.

How are they different? The individual products sold through National General Accident & Health are sold directly to consumers and premiums are paid by the insured directly or through a line-item bill method.

However, individual products from Allstate Benefits—such as accident, critical illness, and life insurance—may have the premiums paid conveniently via payroll deduction. Both are options for employers that do not choose to subsidize supplemental benefits.

What else makes Allstate Benefits and National General a timeless pair?

In addition to a larger product selection, all insureds receive superior customer and claims support, access to leading-edge technology and all the Good Hands® perks they already enjoy!

Interested in learning more about our group Self-Funded Program? Click here.


1 In years when claims are lower than expected, a portion (or all, depending on the plan selection) of the difference between the group's anticipated and actual claims is credited back to the employer. Refund is subject to any Terminal Liability Coverage fee.

2 Based on the percentage of groups that received a refund for plan years 2017 through 2019.

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